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Mom quickly turned off the tap, and then squeezed the boy’s buttocks.
“Well, this has never happened with him or with you,” my mother said, as though apologetically, “he must have arranged such a salute especially for you.”
She planted Seryozha on the pot, and together with Katya they ran to wash.

Serezha heard water pouring in the bathroom.
Then she returned her mother picked him up, took the pot and left with him.
Serozha remained standing without panties, not knowing what to do.
The returning mother and sister have clarified everything for him by their very appearance.
Mom was carrying a clean pot, and Katya had an ill-fated enema, refilled with water.
Katya was holding a mug with one hand and the other with a generously naseline tip that spread a strong smell.
“Let’s start all over again,” said Mom, sitting down on the sofa.
– As long as you don’t suffer as much as you need, we’ll put a new one.
– Lie down faster up the booty and do everything they say to you, Kate added fuel to the fire.
“I don’t need any more,” Seryoz pleaded.
“You have forgotten how to endure, you doused us, and you want to go dry with them!” No, get your enema and free, – clarified the new attempt of enema intervention mom.
“I can’t take it anymore, it was very painful for me,” Seryozha tried to pity the tormentors.
“Now it will be even more painful,” Mom warned, grabbing her son by the hand, turning her back to herself and slapping hard on her bare bottom.
– Well, take a lively pose to open the anus.
With these words, mother threw her son over the knee and widely spread her buttocks. Sex tape 2014 watch full movie online free.

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