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Ladies pull my pussy.
Such a greeting.
I sit down at my desk starting to work.

Closer to dinner one of the women comes up to me.
She is on duty today.
– Sergey Petrovich! Time for a handjob! I sit on the sofa.
She sits down and jerks me off.
The rest of the employee continues to work, not paying attention to us.
I finish on my stomach.
The woman wipes me and her hand with wet wipes, and we continue to work.
The procedure is repeated towards the end of the working day.
Evening and morning sex ended Olesin orgasms.
She took care of me “colleagues.”
Arriving in the morning in the office, I realized that Olesya was right.
Ladies transformed completely.
Hairpins, short skirts, not fully fastened blouses, make-up, hair styles, a table set for breakfast, aroma of perfumes and coffee.
– Sergey Petrovich! Sex toys live chat.

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