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The same powerful as the rest, but for some reason, the one who looks away is guilty.
– Come, I’ll take you to the camera.
Secretary Colonel Waf stood in front of the chef and drove her tongue to his cock pulled out of his trousers.

So the boss used to relieve tension.
Caressing the head with the tip of the tongue, the woman thought how her spouse remaining on Mars would react to this.
Probably bad.
But what, in principle, the difference? Calmly looking at the head below, the colonel touched her ear a little, forcing the woman

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to hurry.
She swallowed the body all the way, relaxing her throat, let go, took a new one, let go, ran her tongue down the trunk, licked her balls a little, put her lips back to her lips and began to suck diligently.
She knew that the boss did not like to be delayed for long by anything, even sex.
Finally, the colonel, without making a sound or a flinch, plentifully finished the woman in the mouth.
Having swallowed his viscous seed, she rose from her knees and silently came out, as she had already got used to over the years.
The colonel buttoned up his pants and relaxed to rise from his chair.
He flicked a switch, and the window behind him grew out of the wall, revealing a view of the parade ground in front of the administrative building.
Illuminated by reddish sunlight, it was empty.
Sir, your adjutant on the communicator, came the voice of the secretary from behind the door.
Come on, – the colonel allowed, going into the communication mode.

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– What have you got? Sir! Lazutchitsu processed, as you said! So what? Not yet known.
Corporal Kurolesov led her away.
– said Uef expressionlessly.
– Clear, clear, clear.
That’s not all, sir! Our sensors recorded a ship approaching the planet! Colonists? Ally spies? No sir! We caught a distress call.
These are civilians, from colonists.
Who are they? The signal asserts that it is the naval ship P87890Z “Navskaya”, which suffered a hypercosmic accident.
It turns out that they are here by chance.
I do not believe in chance.
Send interceptors.
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– It’s a dress! Exclaimed Richie, bewildered, as they unfolded the mysterious black bundle.
– And also a cute raincoat, boots and a wig! – Flora happily reported, in turn pulling out all this stuff.
– Well well.
then you want to dress me in women’s clothes, thus deceiving the guard? Said the prince skeptically.
– Yes! – Beaming with happiness, Flora answered.
– In this form, no one even suspects you! We’ll add some makeup, and your pretty face won’t even come close to that terrible portrait.
Richie accepted this idea without much enthusiasm, but it seemed that there was nowhere to go.
They needed to get in touch and get help from the Kingdom of Three Roses.
For half an hour Flora dressed up the prince and put on makeup.
Liliana and Sylvia at that time stood aside and giggled softly, watching the process of transformation from boy to girl.
When everything was ready, Richie took a mirror to admire the result.
Because of the shadows, the eyes seemed larger, the lips were drawn with dark red lipstick, a barely noticeable blush on the cheeks, and wavy strands of chestnut color descended on the shoulders.
It was impossible to suspect Prince Eddington in him, even his parents would hardly have recognized him.
“Prince, what a pretty round little face you have!” And this little dress with pink flowers suits you so! – with irony pronounced Liliana.
In response, Richie just looked at her unkindly, but the merry little magic did not stop.
“Now our charming princess needs a new name!” Which one to choose? – Lily thought.
– Maybe Joan? Sexy cam couple.

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