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After a minute, his impatience forced him to take up the buttons, and now my girlfriend’s breasts gained freedom, and immediately Vladik fell to the nipple, and his playful hand ran through the body further down, stroked the round hip, went down on the bare short skirt of the knee, began to climb up to the panties.
The microphone was turned off, and therefore I could not hear any sounds, although I could guess that Ninochka moaned no worse than the heroines of the included video.
Vladik had already pushed his hand between his thighs, Ninochka obediently spread her legs apart, opening her fingers access to a secret place for tonic laces of her panties.

Another minute, and Vladik kneels in front of the sofa, continues to kiss the girl’s chest, goes down to the bare belly with a kiss, and starts pulling off her panties.
Ninochka rises on the couch, giving the opportunity to remove the interfering fabric.
Vladik pulls the girl’s ass to the edge of the couch, stands between her spread legs and starts kissing the inner side of her thighs, moving closer and closer to the vagina.
And this moment has come.
By the way Ninochka leaned back, I realized that she had reached orgasm.
Immediately after that, Vladik stood up, unbuckled his pants, pulled out his protruding penis and pushed him to the lips of my girlfriend.
She obediently and even joyfully jumped at the proposed toy and immediately almost completely absorbed it in her mouth.
By the way her body shook again, I realized that the girl had received a second orgasm.
I already wanted to give my friends the opportunity to get enough of each other, but then I remembered a study read the other day that 90 percent of women in their erotic fantasies dream of having sex with two or more men at the same time.

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– Why not give Ninochka such an opportunity? – I thought, and decided that this should happen exactly today, now.
When lovers are already inflamed with each other and willingly accept an offer to engage in group sex.
I doubted for some time about Ninotchka, how she would react to such a proposal, but looking again at the screen, I realized that she would not refuse such an option to continue the evening.
But still, I decided to spare their feelings and pretend.
that I suspect nothing, and the transition to group sex will occur, as it were, spontaneously, quite unexpectedly for all participants.
Unless, of course, when I appear, they will not continue that.
What have already begun, and then I just left silently join.
I cautiously left the office with the bag in my hand, scratched the key in the lock, opened the door and shouted.
-Here I am! You have not fallen asleep in anticipation of a hotel? Now.
Just take off my shoes.
I spent about a minute in the hallway, giving my lovers the opportunity to clean up and only after that I opened the door to the living room.
Ninochka and Vladik were sitting as if nothing had happened and were looking at the screen where lesbian games were developing with might and main.
-How is the movie? Do not miss? – I asked, taking from the package brandy.
Another bottle of champagne, bananas and apples with oranges.
– How can I tell you?
– the film is beautiful.
I gave Vladik a bottle of champagne, giving him the opportunity to pamper the girl, he began to pour brandy.
“May I drink cognac too,” Ninochka asked.
“Yes, for God’s sake,” I said and poured her from our bottle too.
-Well, what do we drink, as always for the ladies? We got up and poured the burning drink.
Ninochka, without a shadow of wickedness, also knocked over a glass and took up a banana.
As if specially.
At this time, one of the girls began

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to introduce a friend a banana into the vagina.
– Nil, I still want to ask you, do you get more orgasms with a man or a girl? – What makes you think that I make love to girls? -So just thought that for sure at least once in my life I tried with one of my friends.
-And if you tried, then what ?.
-Oh, nothing, just interesting, because I have never seen live, as girls make love.
Is it really so pleasant, like in a movie, or is it still not enough at least one for two men at this time? – It’s just completely different.
– So you tried? “Well, I tried and what,” Ninochka asked defiantly.
The place of the answer, I just hugged her, hugged her and began to kiss for a long, long time, feeling the girl getting more and more excited. Thai webcam sex.

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