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Personally, I “conjured myself such a bear, so I baptized him.
“Light brown, above average, gray sad, ahead of time.
“- all as in Vetlitskaya – but also some kind of primitive power, before which knees were bending.

At least there is something from a clumsy bear.
Nothing is as catchy as the feeling of how you are admired, how you are going crazy.
The bear often with shamelessly burning eyes watched me dance, and later proudly retired to his lair.
My unfortunate married head began to bomb sexual fantasies.
I honestly resisted in good faith, rummaged through the mountains of literature, so that I could find answers to the eternal questions “who is to blame?” And “what now to do with it?”.
In my head, meanwhile, the thoughts of secret sex with him were firmly entrenched.
I slept naked so that my body, my nipples touched a cool sheet, as if I really wanted his caress.
Hands convulsively squeezed the pillow and I caressed myself finally moving down from the coils.
The toughest love – contrived.
A man is a deity, and you cannot sleep, eat, think logically.
After half a year, in the spring, my ingenious genius finally truncated that I would dry for him.
no, rather wet.
We began to torment each other in real life: flowers on March 8, hot looks, light casual touches and an endless sea of ??desires – complete madness.
The first kiss, oddly enough, did not work out.
Other people’s lips burned and scared.
the wild kitty ran off with her tail between her legs.
His words “do not be afraid, give me your lips” sounded in my head.
Dala, but much later; gave, that would not go crazy; gave, because it is better to do and regret; gave

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because the only way to get rid of temptation is to give in to it.
I was

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going to give up with a big white flag and white lace underwear.
It seemed that two helicopters were shooting me on camera, a couple of cars and a couple dozen are familiar.
oh yes, and his mom with military binoculars.
Steps loudly resounded in the head, the pulse exceeded all permissible norms.
how scary to become a bad girl.
He opened the door and I fell into strong warm hands.
Bear raised me high-high, I threw my legs around his powerful torso and we kissed long and passionately.
Finally, we could belong to each other, wait no longer had the strength.
Mishka took off his blouse, ran his hand over his stomach and began to massage my chest for a second without ceasing to kiss me.
I wanted to scream with happiness.
We quickly flew off to bed, eagerly stripping each other.
His body was maddening, huge, pumped up and incredibly warm.
But there was a little thing that slegontsa embarrassed me.
The bear resembles a Greek statue, to which a greedy sculptor regretted the clay for a very important place, and local hooligans also beat off a good half of the treasure.
In short, I got a little bit.
And this, after my experienced friend, casting an appraising glance at his swimming trunks on the lake, promised me golden mountains.
Well, the maximum mountain.
(God forbid him to read that, he himself considers himself perfection :).
I was a little upset, but I kept my determination and composure.
It was worth it.
His gentle fingers on my clitoris made me squirm and moan loudly.
“Do you want me to continue to caress you like this?”
I want to, but I’m impatient, come on, come on, I can not and do not want to wait any longer.
Another pleasant surprise – he came in powerfully.
It seemed that the train rammed me hard, hard, passionately.
I answered the same fuse.
We were like two predators clinging in a deadly fight.
Convulsively clutching at each other, immediately covered with sweat.
My pussy, ofigev from the pace and power, filled with juice.
Everything around has ceased to exist, he threw my legs on his shoulders and fiercely continued to peck me with his pod.
I dug into his body with tenacious fingers and even managed to reach out to his ass and slap it. Best free live sex chat.

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