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We will sit down near the hospital, they meet us there, – the second pilot stuck his head out of the cabin.
Yuri looked at the pale face of Marina, his heart was breaking apart.
How stupid it all got.

Well, why did he take her on this trip? A dark night has hung over the city.
Three hours Yuri sits on a chair opposite the operating room.

All his life is floating in his memory.
How many joys, how many sorrows.
Here the doors of the operating room open and, without a mask, the surgeon comes out of it.
Yuri quickly gets up and throws a questioning glance at the surgeon with hope.
He lowers his eyes and shakes his head.
The world collapses under the no-gami.
Tens of thousands of times darker, becomes a dark night.
Second loss.
How much is this !!! More than two years have passed.
Yura remained alone.
He could not find his second half.
An image of a loved one always popped up in my memory.
Over time, anger passed on Svetlana.
He did not see her during this time, but he understood her and forgave her, having learned the reason for treason.

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Other cases of Edward became known, he said goodbye to his career.
In one of the warm autumn evenings, Yuri, as usual, walked through his beloved park.
Golden foliage, rustling underfoot, took him to a distant youth.
He remembered the first date.
How much joy and excitement.
And now, unnoticed, excitement has crept into the soul.
It became somehow alarming.
Not knowing why, he turned from the alley to the winding path and met Svetlana.
Their trails crossed.
From surprise, she froze, releasing the hand of a cute little boy.
Some incomprehensible warmth filled Yuri’s soul when he saw him.
The familiar outlines of the face, a wavy strand of dark hair.
-What is your name? – he squatted on his haunches and extended his hand to the little boy.
Bongacams ro.

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