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I didn’t want to get out of the warm stretched anus, but shame fettered me and did not allow me to move, Ira looked at me with a look that seemed to reproach me, was whipping the whip of jealousy.
– Here it is.
– my wife finally pulled out, – This is my husband.

– Sasha, that you got up, come on, I still want to! – Lyudmila Anatolyevna communicated with me in her world.
Ira frowned – Yes, my love, you so selflessly never fucked me.
go on, and I will look at your art.
Irishka struck me with her tact and prudence! She didn’t even scream! She understood everything as it should! From this, my love for her increased even more, I even more wanted my adorable women! In one breath, I gave out at once several strong sharp jolts, the mother-in-law screamed and clung to the edges of the refrigerator like a kite.
I took her ass and kicked it harder, I liked that Ira looks at us! In the following jolts, the cry of the mother-in-law engulfed me with an immense fire, I began to thaw.
From it flowed like a duck, my ass heated and exhausted my cock, I could not stand it and exploded! “Oh, Sasha, this is the end, I feel like the happiest woman in the world,” she almost roared, taking all the sperm into her anal depths.
A minute later, Lyudmila Anatolyevna saw her daughter, she closed her eyes and shook her head in shame.

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– Ira, I’m sorry, we just satisfied.
Ira silently looked at me and went into the room.
After a strong orgasm, I sobered up, I felt sorry for my wife, after rushing in, I quietly entered her room and sat down next to my beloved.
For a while we were silent, then my sweetie took my hand and pulled me to my bed.
– Why did you do that? – I felt sorry for your mother, she complained about her lonely life, she is beautiful, pleasant.
– Did

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you like her? – Yes, you are very similar.
– Would you like to do it with her? – Yes, if you do not hurt it.
– Do not cause.
Thank you very much for the attention of all readers of the site, and the site itself, for spending time on my work.
Thank you for rating and commenting.
I’m not mad at those who scolded me, happiness and health to you for it.
Special thanks to Mr. Pornographer: I’m sorry for not accepting your invitation to meet with you, I am flattered by your feelings for me, but I prefer only women.
I wish you find the woman who will help you cope with your diseases.
Thank you for the fake comments, you are a master of reincarnations, you are an intelligent man.
Direct your mind into goodness, and people reach out to you.
To all other readers and authors, I wish sex and love in normal proportions so that they do not kill each other, but harmoniously complement.
I would be happy to stay with you longer, but other things are waiting for me.
On Sunday evening, my ex-husband invited me to the movies.
Took your sofa on the last row and plunged into watching some boring stupid movie.
I note that we watched the film not at all like strangers, but sat in an embrace, held on to the pen and kissed several times, and I even allowed myself to get into his pants a little.
But the film came to an end, and it was time to go home.
He took me to the door, asking if I wanted to treat him to tea. Bongacams russia.

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