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They were silent and looked at each other.
Everything turned into a duel between them, the confrontation between the aggressor and a man who was not used to bend over.
But for him, as it was exactly Polina, it was not a simple match, but rather a sexual fight.

It was so stupid.
If in some fantastic way he managed to get the beauty to the Light (the nature of this phenomenon Polina could not comprehend, and she was touched by such unsolved mystery), then she herself even in a terrible dream could not imagine herself beside such an unattractive type.
What can I say if she even shuddered at the thought of such a hypothetical possibility itself.
Did he buy Sveta money? Did Sveta become so.
? Just unthinkable.
Some small boy inadvertently pushed Polina and quickly apologized, but the woman didn’t seem to notice this at first, detached herself as a person who learned the bad news.

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She shuddered a second later, and the world around us came alive again.
A crowded four-room apartment, in a Soviet-built house, is not the most suitable place for an overly large company, yet, albeit in relative crowdedness, for many the evening was not bad.
Cheerful, lively voices around.
Carefree laughter.
Loud music.
Everything is mixed up in the general movement, in the general noise.
The company of guests saw and snack.
The party was in full swing.
Outside, the night fell.
Polina looked at the dancing audience.
Just at this moment, the familiar figure of Sveta emerged from the multi-colored flow of people and with a lowered look with both hands presented a glass filled with brandy to Oleg as a gift.
And in her gestures there was not a hint of irony or sarcasm.

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Only strange unprecedented deference.
Polina could not take her eyes off this scene.
The man casually took the glass and, looking with his cunning, unblinking eyes at his new acquaintance, took a small sip.
It was a cunning knowing look of a conspirator, from which Polina became terribly uncomfortable.
Frowning as if from a painful injection, Polina defiantly began to look past the man at her girlfriend.
The long-legged Svetlana was in sandals on very high platforms and in some very indecently short dress.
Sitting in the black dress embraced all the alluring bends of her body, showed all the beauty of her seductive thighs, emphasized the steepness of the roundness of the young female body lines, but looked through it with a vulgar frankness.
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