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I almost cried from happiness.
But maybe he was drunk, and he just wanted female attention.
Egor knew how I felt about him, and I would not tell my mother anything.

Once I overheard a mom’s conversation with a friend, and she said that Egor stopped paying attention to her, they limited their sex life, and mom was afraid that he stopped attracting him as a woman.
This means, then, the stepfather has a mistress.
Or I still hooked him.
It was a day off, so I woke up at 11 o’clock.
Yegor was still asleep.
I decided to make him breakfast, so to say, thank him for last night.
About an hour later, my Yegorka awoke.
I still walked around the kitchen, chatted with a friend, shared night adventures.
He was in sports pants, shaggy, sleepy, cute, like a bear.
Egor slapped me on the pope and went to the refrigerator for water.
-Good morning, Egor, how did you sleep? What was your dream? I asked in a flashing tone.
– Oh, nothing, baby, everything is fine, the head is only splitting.
You and breakfast prepared, what a good girl! Egor kissed me on the cheek, took a sandwich and went to the bathroom.
I even imagined for a couple of minutes that we were living with him, and I met the morning with my beloved man.
Satisfied, I went to the bathroom to pick up the panties, which I slept at night.

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Going into the bathroom, I saw a very entertaining picture — stepfather smelled my underwear and jerked off my huge embarked member.
Oh my God! To say that I was excited is to say nothing.
Egor, not noticing me, accelerated the amplitude of movements, and I, in parallel, stuck my hand in my pussy.
I flowed incredibly, looking at all this action.
As a result, getting a buzz from a handjob, I already forgot.
-Katia, what are you doing, my girl? – shaky from excitement voice asked stepfather.
When I came to my senses, I immediately had a desire to run away to my room and lock myself up, I was burning with shame.
But Yegor gently pulled me to him with one hand.
His cock pressed against my stomach.
I groaned and closed my eyes.
– Take him in the handles, sunshine, lead up, then down, make me nice.
We were so close to each other, I gently teased his giant.
He looked into my eyes and a minute later our lips merged into a kiss.
I let go of the member and began to pull off his pants.
My Egorka ran his fingers over a wet kisul, in parallel covering my face, neck and chest with hot kisses.
Lower, lower and lower.
His lips stopped on my current little pussy.
Egor snarled from pleasure.
He clutched his teeth through his panties for the labia, and then, slowly began

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to rub his nose on my clitoris.
If he doesn’t make me a kuni right now, I’ll go crazy with excitement! I wanted to feel like mom.
What sensations does she feel when the magnificent body of my stepfather moves on top of her?
And one thought, that Egor will now embody all my fantasies associated with him, made me tremble with pleasure.
Feet gave way.
My favorite rose from his knees, and grabbed me in his arms, carried on their bed with his mother.
– First, I had a wife on this bed, and now her sexy daughter! My eggs are so buzzing! I want to quickly enter my girl, feel her. Indian secret camera sex videos.

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