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It is curious that when I got rid of my obsession, I could even have a great time with them.
On the way back, I was lucky: I was traveling in the same compartment with a very interesting companion – an attractive young man of about 26: dark-haired, brown-eyed, strongly tanned with a nice figure.
I had a lower shelf, and he has the top one, above me.

On the contrary, a husband and wife were about 50 years old.
As usually happens in a train that goes during the day, the guy from the top shelf sat on my bottom.
We sat silently for a while.
Then he decided to meet me.
His name was Alex, he was from Moscow, but he went to visit relatives in Novorossiysk.
We talked a little more.
Alexey suggested going to the dining car.
I liked him more and more, so I agreed.
The restaurant was quite crowded.

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I did not want to eat, it was very hot.
So, we decided to drink a cold beer.
I drank my favorite dark.
Alexey was a trusting person, which further reinforced the well-known effect of the “random companion”.
So, no wonder that we soon began to communicate at ease and openly.
Alexey told me about his work in a large book publishing house in Moscow.
I told him about my university studies.
It turned out that Alex was an interesting person.
He played guitar, studied Finnish, traveled to Finland at least three or four times a year and traveled a lot in general.
I have never been abroad, so I listened with great interest to everything he told about Finland and other countries that he managed to visit.
And he spoke a lot and even eloquently.
Then the conversation turned to sports.

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Alexey was a sports guy: he loved horse riding and played a lot of football.
It turned out that as a child he even played football professionally until he received a serious knee injury.
I told that since childhood I have been engaged in ballroom dancing, I regularly run, go in for swimming.
I admit honestly: I was pleased to talk about myself and see his interested reaction to my words.
And then I started to set up against the background of such a versatile metropolitan guy (I myself am from a provincial city).
Having discussed all his numerous interests and hobbies, and having drunk a fair amount of bottles of beer, we started talking about the rest on the seashore.
Livejasmin ariana.

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