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At this time, Nastya, frightened by all the harsh sounds and movements on the sides, clung to me, making me her unspoken protector.
I was not against it, I was just pleased with such attention from her side, and therefore I allowed myself to take her hand and lead her forward, carefully moving along the corridors beyond Vanya.
The building of the institute was in a terrible state: now there was complete anarchy, and it was extremely bloody.

It seemed that we could run so endlessly, miraculously avoiding zombie attacks and fighting off occasionally feral comrades, but then Vanya gestured to the hatch in the ceiling, which everyone knew was always open, but very carefully guarded by our guard, Peter Stepanych.
We couldn’t make our way to the lower floors, zombies swelled the stairs, and therefore we didn’t have any special options, we had to sit somewhere until the first wave of this madness subsided.
Scraps of the form of our guard were lying nearby, and therefore, fearing that he could now be even more dangerous, we got to the roof as quickly as possible, barricading the hatch and actually cutting off our escape routes.
And then it’s time to look around.
Moscow was not to know.
That is, almost everything remains the same as it was – the same magnificent buildings, museums, ordinary houses and factories, but that.
going on the streets.
Fires burned on almost everybody – a consequence of multiple accidents due to panic.
The virus did not spread so quickly that it could cover the entire city in a few minutes, but the center was almost completely infected.
The constant screeching and rattle announced the surroundings, did not stop the human screams on the streets.
Nastya, who was still holding my hand, suddenly turned away and began to cry, no longer having the strength to restrain her emotions from what was happening.

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I felt a duty to calm her down, and hugged me from behind.
To my surprise, she did not push me away, but only turned in my arms, hugging me almost with her whole body.
By the way, Vanya did not lose time for such sentimental things, and while Nastya and I saw the apocalypse and were experiencing stress in each other’s arms, he examined the roof.
When he came, we still didn’t open our arms.
And so he whistled meaningfully and winked at me.
I would like to give him a slap, or at least to say that he is a moron, but for the first one it would be necessary to let Nastya go, and the second did not fit into our very nice picture.
“Dove, I found the second entrance here,” said Vanya, who did not lose his usual sarcastic behavior even in the apocalypse, when we were stuck together, and Nastya started wiping tears from her face, trying not to hurt the makeup, which turned out to be sufficiently resistant.
I looked at him angrily, having already gathered to say that he would not say such nonsense, but then I noticed a timid smile on Nastya’s face.
It seemed incredible that she could relate to what was said by Vanya, but still I did not say anything just in case.
We spent about one and a half hours on this roof, and during this time we managed to discuss many topics.
In addition, a couple of theories have been developed regarding the occurrence of such a virus.
Vanya shared information that a couple of days ago he heard something in the news.
It was said that a strange virus struck part of China and spreads further.
Unanimously decided to assume that it all went from there.
In addition, it turned out one important circumstance: all of us, our troika, were orphans.
And if the fact that Vanya lost his parents was not news for me, since we were already familiar with the children’s home, then the news that Nastya had no parents almost shocked me.
However, this coincidence only played into our hands, because we didn’t have to worry about taking someone from the city.
Nastya soon froze as the evening wind howled on the roof, and I had a new reason to hug her.
After a while, I felt like an eerie beast due to the fact that the look that I opened on her boobs, when she took the most

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comfortable position for me, caused a corresponding effect in my body.
And the riser, resting Nastya in the side, was not part of my plans.
However, she seems to have not noticed.
Although I was already beginning to think that she was specifically doing this. Love sex aur dhokha movie online.

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