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To any point of the city in ten minutes and no accidents, never.
There are no pedestrian crossings on the roads, only underground and land bridges.
If you jump out onto the road itself – consider you a dead man, so even drunkards and drug addicts, when they really don’t think to keep anything from the carriageway as far as possible.

I went through the foggy area in the direction of the subway, today I wanted to just walk.
Over time, you get tired of the constant seat in the car, and walks are good for health.
It is now customary to attend fitness centers, especially those working in large corporations.
After all, you are the face of the company, which means you should look sporty, beautiful and fit.
Because of the current lifestyle, it is quite easy to gain weight, so most healthy people take care of themselves.
On the way, I came across people and androids, probably the ratio is fifty to fifty.
In this area of ??robots especially a lot, because it is the center of the city.
I already got used to immediately evaluate them, this is my professional trait.
Here is a woman droid, looking 40 years old, well-groomed and stately, but it seems not very expensive, without sex spots, this is evident on the lips.
Most likely, the nanny or housekeeper, but the meeting is a young guy of about twenty, obviously a cyborg from our company, a symmetrical face ,.
neat haircut, taut.
Most likely, its owner is some rich elderly housewife, they love those.
In the pants is clearly a huge device, just entertains some bored woman, well, or the owner of some company, looks very expensive.
I walked to the stairs leading down to the subway.
The walls were filled with markers, the woman in the orange vest tried to wash the graffiti with a rag.
People have not been engaged in such works for a long time, even it is not necessary to guess who it is – the governmental, metropolitan bot.

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I hurried down and went through the turnstiles onto the platform.
Under their feet, no dust particles, probably a new delivery, work well.
There was a man of about thirty standing near the railway tracks, obviously a man with a black beard, wearing a suit and a hat with a field, looks rather old-fashioned, probably, a connoisseur of twentieth century fashion.
Yes, the subway is not such a popular form of transport.
I walked up to the tracks and stood close to my neighbor.
Suddenly I heard a strange sound.
I turned around and saw a picture that was not uncommon for the underground.
In the back alley, near the exit from the station, there were three guys wearing hooded hooded sweatshirts and blue jeans, one of them had a black mask with eye slits made of a hat.
They held, clasping the hands of a droid-woman, seemingly thirty years old with blond hair, slim.
It was a service robot – a prostitute.
I understood this by

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the hole for the plastic credit card in her hand.
By itself, the droid was obviously cheap and worn out.
Metal parts and wires protruded from the shoulder.
The strap of her blouse was asleep, revealing a white breast of the second size with a brown nipple.
One of the guys was standing behind the robot, he bent her with cancer, clasping the droid with his hands, and already pulled off her short skirt and red panties to the ankles, trying to insert the penis into her pussy.
His partner in a mask threw a dark veil over the surveillance camera hanging on the wall.
The third one pulled down his jeans and buried his thick cock covered with purple veins in the lips of the girl-androyd.
Guys puffed, having a robotic girl on both sides.
The vagina of the robots-prostitutes shrinks so much that it is not possible to enter it if you did not pay for the service, so the marauder who attached himself to the girl began to fuck her in the ass, there was no paradoxical way to squeeze through.
Marauders perfectly knew this nuance, and used it.
Robots made for sex were favored by marauders.
This is not any androids – postmen, or supervisors, who have dry inside, as in a bucket of sand.
The android sex program lets in a lot of lubricant in all love holes, inside it is narrow, wet, warm and slippery.
That is why marauders love robots – prostitutes.
One of them provocatively fucked the mouth of the andoid, inserting a penis to the very eggs.
The masked guy unbuttoned his belt on his trousers, waiting for his turn and looking around.
Seeing us standing on the platform, he convulsively rattled: “Hurry up!” The guy with the hat with the fields looked at me and nodded in displeasure towards the fuckers.
I shook my head.
I hate those assholes who spoil the droids! Massage 360 vr tv 2019 sex live.

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