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Irina lifted the hem of her dress, pulled down her panties and sat down.
No darling, do it standing up! It’s just pretty dim, and in order to see better and guide the bottle, you’ll have to do it standing up.
Feel like a man! – joked Irina rising and slightly spreading her legs.

Are you ready? Get started! – I ordered attaching a bottle.
A bottle of urine hit the bottle, Irina emitting moans of bliss was relieved.
Urine trickled directly into the neck of the bottle, had a golden amber color.
Know up to this point, never seen pissing girls.
But the look of a beloved woman in such a shameless pose, the whole piquancy of the situation, well, in general, I was excited.
The last droplets flowed into the bottle, filled almost to the brim.
I pulled out a handkerchief and wiped my beloved naked pussy.
Irina wanted to step back, but I really wanted her.
Without kisses, I kissed Irina on the lips of the genital sponge.
Dear! What is right here ??? In response, I kissed her pussy again, this time more deeply. Mom son cam sex.

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