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It seems that Nikita spent a lot of time without sex, his body trembling with excitement on the eve of the act.
Nikita’s hands slid over Masha’s shoulders, back, squeezing her girlish buttocks.
Masha turned her back to Nikita, giving his hands more freedom to caress his chest and womb.

She felt like a hot head of the member rubs and pokes between the halves of the priests.
Masha grabbed a member of her hand and began to slide up and down the trunk, simultaneously rubbing her head against the little ring of the anus and near the entrance to her damp, shaved cave.
“Take me!” Masha moaned, leaning forward slightly, leaning on the arms exposed.
Nikita put his hot, tense cock into her pussy and froze, savoring the warm welcome and enveloping flesh of the girl’s vagina.
Starting the movement, his hips made a light slap while crushing the girl’s buttocks.
He began to “play the melody of the rain” with his uncomplicated instrument, breaking the fall of the falling jets of water with his body.
Every deep penetration of a member inside broke a moan from Masha’s lips, who could not hide the noise of falling water.

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crushed her breasts and powerfully pushed her ram from behind her, as if trying to recoup for the weeks of separation, feeling the girl’s pelvis bending towards him to accept even more.
Feeling that the wave of orgasm is rolling, Masha began to shake her ass even faster, wanting to be impaled on the rod that is rapidly moving in her.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?” “Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” “Aaaah!” Masha moaned ever higher, plunging into a sea of ??pleasure and making reflexive contractions of her penis with vaginal rings.
As if waiting for a signal, Nikita pulled out his dick shiny with grease and, after making a few extra movements with his hand, violently finished on Masha’s back and ass, continuing to squeeze the student’s chest with his left hand.

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Warm streams of water flowed down over their heated and languishing bodies from bliss, giving a relaxing massage, after intense animal passion.
Masha turned around and gave Nikita a thankful, all-forgiving kiss, thereby securing their truce.
Before the shower closed, there were a few minutes left, and Claudia Petrovna, the waiter of the hostel, was surprised to see a young couple come out of the shower.
“They did not find another place for themselves!” She grumbled to herself, closing the shower room.
Tomorrow was the “female” day of washing, which the entire female half of the hostel eagerly awaited.
It seems that not only this couple visited that erotic soul or a similar situation.
Perhaps, that is good, the student time, in which you can commit various madnesses, so that later, as an adult, you can remember how it was.
During the investigation, the police checked not only the circumstances of the case, directly relating to Mr. Bee, they were also interested in the question: how did the girls themselves relate to an intimate relationship with the teacher? At first, the majority avoided direct answers, confining themselves to the words – “Where was I going to go ?!”.
But a few students opened up and told that only the first sex had caused some kind of shock in them – then they, as they say, “got involved in the process”.
Some girls (by their own admission) even began to enjoy themselves.
“Was Mr. Baldman a good man?” Do you understand what we mean? – asked the investigators.
– Mr. Baldman was a good man! – 65% of respondents answered.
– You are not humiliated by the fact that you were forced to have sex? – You know.
when he said this for the first time – yes, there was a feeling that you were being forced to do what you did not want.
But then.
then everything happened, for the most part, by mutual desire.
– Are you sure? – Yes, – so said about half of the respondents.
– Did you know that during intercourse, Mr. Baldman leads a hidden photo and video? Many answered in the affirmative.
– Didn’t you feel embarrassed that they were shooting you in such frank poses? The answers were divided: some said that they would prefer to have sex without shooting; others claimed that having a camera, on the contrary, added adrenaline.
– Did you like being filmed during intercourse? A quarter of the female students said yes.
– Has Mr. Baldman ever offered you to look at the pictures or film with your participation later? “I suggested,” almost all of the respondents said.
– You agreed? Seventy percent answered that they were interested to see themselves from outside in such a piquant atmosphere.
What do you think, why do I publish these excerpts from interrogation protocols ?. Naked indian model girls.

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