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Behind his back some fuss.
This is undressing Tanya and Kostya.
Rustles are heard as they caress each other and kiss smacking.

Then Tanya gives a blowjob to Kostik somewhere very close.
I try to grope her hand and stumble on her chest.
I start to play with her nipple without releasing Vadik’s cock from his mouth.
Tanya moves closer and directs me to her pussy.
I begin to stroke her clitoris, slightly sinking my finger deep into.
Tanya moans in time with my movements.
But the guys decide to move into the room on the bed.
While we were walking along the corridor, I could carefully consider all the participants in our group sex.
Kostya and Vadik were cute pumped guys somewhere half a head taller than me and Tanya.
Tanya is a little wider than my thighs and her breasts are of third size, and I’m a little thinner and my breasts are second.
Shadow has long hair that she collects in her ponytail, revealing her high, beautiful forehead.
And I have curls, which I periodically trim in the barbershop, so as not to interfere.
It’s still impossible to do something with them.
The shadow has large brown nipples with round halos, and I have a lighter and smaller one.
Our pussies glistened with moisture, as I noticed, as we walked past the full-length mirror that hung in the hallway.
Kostya has a big fat cock looking forward, while Vadik has a thin and long one, but he is standing with a stake and almost pressed against his stomach.
– A member of Vadik would be well suited to my ass, – I thought.

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The bed to which we arrived was almost to the waist of our guys.
Tanya was the first to lie on her back, slightly dangling her butt from the bed and legs up, showing us her pussy.
Vadik immediately joined her and Tanya moaned loudly under his pressure.
I was suddenly shy, but Kostya resolutely led me to the box.
I climbed onto the bed on my knees, so right in front of my face was Tanechka’s face.
She smiled at me and our lips merged in a kiss.
Meanwhile, Kostya fell in behind me and his fat cock spread my lips.
At first it seemed to me that it was even too big.
But Tanka embraced my head and dug a kiss into my lips so that I could not even utter a word.
Kostya slowly walked in completely, I could only spread my legs wider, almost sat on the bed splits, and breathe heavily in Tanya’s lips.
Kostya began to move and darkened in my eyes.
I don’t know how much he dug me and how many times I finished, but I woke up alone on the bed and at dusk outside the window I realized that it was already four hours.
From somewhere in the kitchen came a laugh.
Raging eyes and swaying a little, I headed for my friends in Eve’s costume.
– Oooooh, here

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is our Aphrodite, the goddess of love! – fun greeted me guys.
They were all in shorts, and Tanya was also in Topic.
Obviously already taken a shower and fortified.
– Wow! – Tanya said admiringly, – wow! I did not know that I have such a girlfriend! I lazily smiled at the corner of my mouth, narrowing one eye and sat down exhausted in the corner of the sofa between the guys, my legs tucked up to my chest.
I was given a glass of juice.
– I probably fucked you for an hour and you finished 5 times! – said Kostya.
– Yes, all one and a half! – corrected Vadik.
– Six times, six! I counted.
– added Tanya.
– Yes, it was m.
– I blushed and buried my face in my knees.
The guys clapped their hands: “What a shy!” Yes, I am a very shy girl.
But it was not the end of the evening.
Want to know the sequel?
I got acquainted somehow at one of the thematic forums with one woman.
The lady was very sociable especially on frivolous topics. Public sex caught on hidden cam.

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