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When a few hours later Alina Fedor’s husband came back from the guests to the floor, women gave him an enema, which he was incredibly grateful for.
The end of the story.

It was a long time ago, in the village during the summer holidays.
The day started almost as usual, but at lunch there was something unusual.
I wanted to crap and go to the toilet, but when I took off my shorts and sat down I couldn’t poop, I hurt, but nothing came of it, then I thought “it means I didn’t want to crap” and higher from the toilet.
But after about 15 minutes everything happened again and was repeated several times and I still could not go.
Then grandmother saw me run to the toilet.
And she asked, “Does it hurt you?” I: why do you think so? Grandma: but you just ran to the toilet.
Speak not slow! I wanted again, I ran, but I just got tired.
Came sat on the sofa.
Grandma asked again, “what’s wrong with you?” I: I can not poop.
She, oh why? When was the last time you popped? I answered 4 days ago.
Grandma: you need to do an enema: I: me? No never.
But I already had a little bit of pain.
Grandma: it is necessary, it means it is necessary.
What are you boys? I: but you will not tell anyone about this? Grandma: well, of course, I did a lot of enema, your mother, aunt, sister, her husband, brother, grandfather, neighbor, friends and even your dad, he asked me about this several times.
And I did this procedure, nothing terrible there! I: but: And grandmother went to the hut.
She came with a 2 liter enema-heater.
She poured 3 cups of water there. Rosewind8 s high cam show bongacams.

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