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It was unpleasant – he did not like when strangers were in the apartment, let it and two neighbors teenagers.
The guests entered a large room in which Andrew sat and, after seeing his wife with oily glances that were completely inconsistent with their age, walked past him into a small growling hello.
Andrei already knew how they were doing – the history of the browser hinted that either they were studying biology, or they were simply watching porn and something told him that the second option was much more real.

Parental control, which he set, helped poorly.
And today, as usual, for about an hour they were discussing something loudly, and then calmed down.
Found what they were looking for understood Andrew.
Then he heard the sound of the printer and was surprised that they print something for study.
For some time they sat like mice in a burrow, and then the door swung open and first appeared Anton, the son of a neighbor, skinny and brown-haired with big blue eyes.
Behind him went Vadim, his friend of the same build, but slightly shorter and with almost white hair.
Andrei thought that they were here except, as for porn and it was a trite thing to eat off, the wife was already rattling dishes in the kitchen.
The boys went to the kitchen, Andrew rose from his chair and went there too.
Got my plate and hurried into the small room t.

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there was no desire to communicate with these “freeloaders”, as he often called them.
Putting the plate on the table, Andrew decided to run through the history of the browser and the documents that the boys opened.
– So, what have we got here? Everything is clear, but they quickly found the nipples and squeezed, taking out his hands. Vadim said: – Uncle Andrey, I can’t jerk off to me.
– The boy quickly pulled down her tights and dumped his penis.
The second shock in the evening, Andrei lost the power of speech for a few seconds, and then looked at the teenager’s member, completely bald, fourteen centimeters not more with a small scrotum, dangling twenty centimeters from his face.
A member of Andrew became a stone.
– What you think you are? And what else.
– asked Andrei.
– Do not want to masturbate then suck.
– and with these words, Vadim grabbed Andrew by the head and put the slippery grease

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in his mouth.
Andrei choked on the floor of the word, to his horror he felt a hard head in his tongue, looking up at Vadim, he met his eyes at that moment the boy made a movement back and forth with his hips and squeezed out: – Kaif what.
Anton engaged to ass Andrei stopped and looked dumbfounded at the scene as his friend raped an adult man in his mouth.
The victim of violence attempted to escape, but Anton, who jumped in time, did not allow the man to rise and said almost to his ear: – Uncle Andrei, if you have already begun, continue.
But Andrey did not move, then Vadim took the initiative and began to fuck him in the mouth.
For a long time the boy did not hold out, and soon the youthful sperm poured into Andrei’s mouth with tight streams, he wanted to spit, but Anton held him back.
After Vadim dried up, Anton took his place almost immediately.
His penis was slightly larger than that of a friend and already with black, curly pubic hair, he had more eggs than a friend. Sex cam hd free.

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