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My tongue is already licking Her fingers, I kiss every fingernail with my lips.
Continuing the conversation, and without throwing a single glance at me, the Hostess turns, lifting each leg – so that I pay attention to Her heels.
With reverence and reverence, I kiss them alternately, lick, greedily inhaling the smell of Her sweat.

As she once told me, She smiled, “you breathe so much, as if you want to smell the whole smell))”.
By the edge of my ear, I hear the conversation hostess.
“Yes, I did not buy anything, stupid shops, empty.
I wanted new shoes, I did not find it.
Yeah, one misery.
It will be necessary to instruct the mongrel to buy.
but went into a new sex shop, there was such a pretty saleswoman was.
Yes, left her phone to call, when there will be good strap-ons.
Yes, these, new, bezremnevye, yeah.
So, Mrs. Domin speaks with someone of her acquaintances, since she so freely talks about mongrel and sex shop.
Mutt – this is my nickname.
We both do not advertise such a relationship, and only a close circle of friends Mistress knows.
While I am at a loss as to who She speaks with, the Mistress sits down and unlocks the lock on my hands.
I instantly guess why it is – the Lady does not even need me to indicate.
And all the more She didn’t say anything to me – She’s on the phone with another Domina! I slightly rise on my knees and help my hands to take off the hostess’s panties.
Usually I have to do this with my mouth, but I know that when the Mistress wants to go to the toilet, I better hurry.
Immediately I roll onto my back, and I put my hands up so that the Lady sits down.
The jet, as often happens, escapes from her pussy sharply and strongly – apparently, the Hostess didn’t go specifically for a long time, having accumulated.
There is so much of her that I don’t have time to swallow, the jet hits my face, my hair, drains to the floor.

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Needless to say, the Mistress is not distracted to see where she falls.
It is my duty and task to catch this amber, tart-smelling, tasty liquid! And what will not catch – will have to lick off the floor.
Finally, the last drops fall from Her lips, and I understand that now we need to get out.
Mmmm, do not convey feelings when my tongue touches her.
Beautiful, delicious-smelling, narrow pussy with a small strip of hairs.
Having wiped her urine out of my urine with my tongue dry, I can not stand it, and I begin to drill her lips more strongly, each one separately and all together.
But a little worth it to seem moisture, as soon as I heard that the Hostess sighed deeper, She abruptly got up and kicked me with a leg on the lips.
Whether to me, or by phone angrily blurted out “they saw, the mongrel thought to lick without asking! I almost didn’t turn on it, it’s a rotten creature! ”And already in the telephone“ well, of course, I haven’t finished the new year.
Yes, soon March 8, have fun.
Of course, bring your own, we will not change the traditions! ”.
My heart stops.
I finally understood who the Mistress was talking to! This is her best friend, Mrs. Larissa – who has her own slave.
It is with this, the same powerless rag, that we sometimes “happen on occasion” as our Mistresses laugh.
Special thanks to Neferrite Mitannian for invaluable advice.
I hope that I used them correctly.
Now he ordered her to take pictures in all the mirrors that are in the house, of course naked.
Clothes leave in my room.
In the return letter he received four more photos.
From the hallway, from her room, from her room, and from Irina’s room.
Lena described how she, trembling with shame, walked to each mirror, expecting the front door to open and either mom or uncle would enter.
As she was excited, she could not resist and masturbated right in the corridor.
Sergey thought that Lena would have to buy something.
He explained to her how to open a wallet on the web mani.
Ambassador following assignments.
At night, when everyone is sleeping, she should go to the bathroom, wearing only a short T-shirt.
To pubis and

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ass were exposed.
Secondly, once you caress yourself in the hall, again wearing only a T-shirt, and the panties were to remain in her room.
This time he did not require a photo.
But she sent on their own initiative.
Apparently, she put the camera on the table, and took off herself in a chair with her legs spread, twisting her lips with a finger.
He brutally scolded her, writing that he did not like vulgar, “meat” photos, and did not like vulgar girls.
And she was one step away from that! Made the first and last warning.
“You must ask my permission when you want to do something for me!” He finished telling her off. Webcam young girl anal.

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