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But do not worry, this is not something that can happen to anyone.
“Please don’t say that.”
I’m not at all right now.

To me.

– looking in the direction mumbled Ariel.
Linda felt it, and began to hastily ponder what to do next.
For the first time, something like this happened to someone.
In the passenger seat, they screamed, lost consciousness, even tore out someone, and Ariel braved herself, and now this.
Linda could not help but admit to herself that she was very moved by this, but this could not help at all.
Catching her eyes on the unlit parking, she slowly turned to her, and stopped, habitually looked around the neighborhood.
It could only be called a parking lot with a big stretch, especially since there were no cars besides lighting.
There are no houses or booths around, only thickets of a park located nearby.
Crow slander said that everything was in order, but some other feeling, growing out of emotion, said that something urgently needed to be done.
Muffling the engine, she climbed into the glove box.

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She had to bend over to Ariel’s legs, and, trying not to be distracted, to look for anything in the twilight.
Nevertheless, she suddenly realized that despite her innate feelings, she did not feel any smell – it was already pleasing, although it was strange.
However, after thinking a little, Linda remembered how Ariel had complained to her that the whole day the children were feeding her watermelon.
The children must have loved her so much that they were ready to give her their pieces, so long as she ate for the week ahead.
This is what let the princess down.
Having groped up the rag, she straightened, unfastened, and surprisingly easily got out of the cabin – the forces still remained, and considerable ones.
Away from the car warmed up for the race, it breathed pleasant coolness, and the silence around it acted somehow especially soothingly.
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