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that’s all inspection! “, explained mom.
While they were talking, the bag of water noticeably decreased in razierah and became almost flat, but my mother’s stomach swelled up and looked like a basketball.
“Mom, in my opinion, the enema will end soon!”, Expressed the opinion of Lucy.

“Yes, daughter, I also think so, because the stomach is already quite full.
But while the water is still running, I feel it, so be good, watch the tip so that it does not crawl out ahead of time! “,.
The girl looked at the tip of the enema, he really was somewhere half crawled out of the main asshole.
Lucy grabbed him with two fingers of her right hand and shoved him back into the fool.
“Well, well done, daughter, you need to go and study as a nurse inapplicable, you have a grasp in this matter,” continued her mother, after which she again began to breathe heavily with her mouth.
“Mom, maybe that’s enough, the mug is almost empty?”, The girl asked.
“No, no, dear.
let’s wait until the end.
I can bear it.
you know when it was going to give birth to you, and they gave me an enema, it was still much harder to endure, because the child also had a stomach ache.
and water poured as much as two liters.
but I survived both the procedure itself and the next five minutes of ozhylania.
the nurse was still surprised, saying that they have most of the mothers who work during the enema.
but this did not happen to me.
Hurray, it seems everything, the water does not go sick, “the mother rather stated, after which she ordered:” Close the tap and slowly, carefully remove the tip, then remove the mug from the hanger and throw it into the bath, okay? “. Gay couple cam sex.

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