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Gina gerson live sex on stage in slovenija.
He caressed her lips again and again, barely touching them with his own, then gently pressing herself into her mouth, capturing the frequent quivering beats of her pulse.
Teasing her with the tip of his tongue, he finally forced her to respond to his kiss and eagerly demand new and more inciting movements.
Chantal awkwardly clutched at the duke’s jacket, so as not to fall, but she still barely kept on her feet from passion and fear, and, if not for his hands, she would have fainted long ago.

Her head was spinning, her whole body was burning, something incredible was going on with her lips – they turned into an insatiable source of pleasure, any touch on which simultaneously caused shame, thirst, trembling and weakness.
It was simply impossible to believe that the very cold, unapproachable, prim and strict Duke Verlaine, kissed her now so frankly and defiantly.

Admitting his love for him, the girl did not expect from him a similar reaction.
In the books she read, confessions were usually answered with confessions and oaths, rather than with such obscene kisses.

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Meanwhile, the sweet lips and the divinely perfect semi-naked body of the queen inflamed a daring young man who was not used to dwelling on such innocent caresses.
He forced himself to tear herself away from her lips, took the thinnest strap of a lace shirt off her shoulder, barely covering the girl’s full breasts, heaving over the corset, and exposed one of her breasts to the nipple.
The future queen only silently hid her eyes, confused, agitated, anxious and completely unaware of what to do and how to react to such insolence.
Across his self-assured, impudent, and still imperturbable mind, one could guess that no social conventions would confuse him at all and would not stop him.
Gina gerson live sex on stage in slovenija.

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