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The whole process of its exposure was filmed on video – it is possible that Imperial troops would be jerked off under it.
C3P0 cut the remains of the Lein sweater, it collapsed – and the gender of Leia became clear to everyone.
The crowd gave an enthusiastic scream, and Leia screamed with rage.

The girl was now standing, head down, suspended by the arms and almost completely naked above the waist.
On her torso was only one item of clothing – a white lace bra, covering the large, poured breasts.
Yes, all the rumors that Leia guy turned out to be bullshit.
Princess Leia had boobs.

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what tits! Teasing
That’s what the proud leader hid under thick clothes.
“This is a dream,” Leia whispered, but the crowd’s squeal drowned out her words.
C3P0 cut into her bra straps, and he flew to her feet.
A strong wind of tattoos immediately picked up an orphaned bra, twirled it and carried it to the sky.
Above the belt, the princess remained completely naked.
Now her breasts were open to the audience in all its glory.
Dense, poured, with large bright pink nipples.
Leia’s chest was approaching a third size, and it remained to be surprised how some pathetic jacket could hide such magnificence.

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Jabba again stretched out his paw and began to beat Leina’s boobs.
He pawed pink circles around the nipples, shook the nipples themselves – both right and left, which both of them stood up, measured the size of this breast with his nasty mucous palm, pressed the nipples as if they were buttons.
The crowd fiercely chanted “Tits! Tits!”.
“No, I will not beg.
Do not be humiliated, do not show weakness.
No, no, “Leia thought, while her breasts ached from the nasty touch of Jabba.
The girl was silent, even when Jabba painfully pinched her left nipple.
Just gritted her teeth.
“What is her breast size, droid?” – asked Jabba, stroking the right breast of the princess.
“Close to the third, my lord,” cried out C3P0.
– Hey, hear! – screamed slug.
– Our proud chieftain has boobs almost of the third size! Droid, now take off her pants.
And strike first.
Above the belt, we saw the princess – so we will see her and below the belt! The robot took his shoes off Leia’s legs and gently pulled off his pants.
The princess did not even resist, deciding that with cold indifference one could defeat a lustful crowd – and appeared before the public in white panties, tightly wrapping her crotch and buttocks.
For some reason, it was the appearance of these cowards that particularly excited the crowd.
Some humanoids even masturbate, devouring with their eyes the bottom of a helpless girl.
She had tight, tight hips and a beautiful ass – of course, the white cloth of the underpants covered it, but not so much that the public didn’t appreciate the outlines of the buttocks. Hot sexy cam.

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