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In the summer of 2011, I worked as a hotel administrator in

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a large Ukrainian city — I decided to earn some money on holidays.
And once I managed to combine business with pleasure.
😉 The hotel was expensive, elite, and wealthy people settled with us: mainly those who came for business, because we had nothing to see.
I just worked at night, waiting for a new guest, also seconded from Moscow, judging by the documents.
This meant that there was no rest at night, you need to be on the alert and wait for the guest at any moment, because the hotel service should be top notch.
When a taxi stopped in front of the entrance, out of habit I looked at myself in the mirror.
Uniform blouse emphasizes volume chest, short skirt playfully opens slender legs.
I am short in stature, but I have a very nice face, a thin nose, and big, tender eyes — the guys usually get enchanted quickly, I can’t help but boast.
He was already walking down the hall, carrying his suitcase himself, which seemed to me courageous.
In a suit, despite the long road and a warm summer night.
(Porn history) In appearance about thirty, unshaven decorated his volitional chin, devils danced in beautiful green eyes.
I could not take my eyes off his hands when he filled out the documents.

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In my opinion, hands are the main thing in a man, and his strong tanned hands immediately attracted me.
He caught my eye and smiled.
I smiled back – not formally politely, like all guests, but sincerely.
“Have a good rest, Evgeny Petrovich,” I said, handing him the key.
– Thank.
What is your name? – he looked me straight in the eyes and smiled.
I was embarrassed.
– Olesya.
The doorman led him to the room, I looked after him.
My heart beat faster than usual.
To be honest, I forgot a little about the events of that night, since my life was so full that summer, and I didn’t miss those three days.
During the first hours of work nothing reminded about the Moscow guest, the usual bustle reigned.
Finally the night came, and everything calmed down.
I sat behind the desk clerk and leafed through the news in the social network on the phone when he entered the rotating door of the hotel.
The sensations of the first meeting immediately stirred up in me, even my breath caught.
It was Saturday, and he was dressed informally: jeans and a simple shirt, but the rolled up sleeves again opened courageous hands.
Eugene walked to the reception desk, and for some reason my legs cracked sweetly from his smile.
Suddenly I noticed a few twigs of lilac in his hand.
– This is for you, Olesya, – he smiled.
– Thank.
– I did not know what else to say, I smiled like a fool.
He left, and I took a vase from under the rack and went to the toilet to get water for the flowers.
Going into a small room – for the staff all the amenities were combined and not as luxurious as for the guests – I again sniffed the flowers, but now near the twigs, where he kept them.
Here, the subtle scent of lilac was mixed with other elusive tones.
I could smell tobacco — probably from his hands if he smokes — and sweet, apparently, his cologne. Livejasmin chatroom.

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