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In response, he only nodded and hid the trophy in his pocket.
Nastya mentally smiled – the guy probably felt how wet they were after today.
And after the last fifteen minutes for sure.

The questions that they asked each other were one more vulgar than the other, and Nastya always tried to answer honestly, which caused a whole bunch of pleasant emotions and memories in her.
Igor called the waitress and quickly paid off.
Nastya, meanwhile, looked once more around the neighborhood.
She had bright prospects on her mind, everything was painted in passionate scarlet hues.
And so, having stumbled upon the glance of a young little girl from behind a nearby table, Nastya did not even think to be embarrassed.
The girl looked at Anastasia with wide eyes.
It seems that her brain did not fit well, as it can be done in general – picture and erotic remove underwear in front of your boyfriend.
And Nastya had no doubt that the girl saw everything from the first seconds – everything was read in her innocent look.
Nastya, who smiled mysteriously, slyly winked at the little girl, as if to say: “That’s right!”, After which she took Igor’s outstretched hand and allowed him to lead herself away, on a dark night.
Igor put Anastasia in the car and they drove through the streets of the night city.
Where did they go? Nastya did not know.
Only felt how her crack began to gently pulsate in anticipation of soon sex.
And it is quite satisfied with Nastya, she was blissful sitting in the front seat of a luxury SUV.

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Out of the corner of her eye, Nastya noticed the clock – ten to twelve.
Igor drove the car through the empty streets of the city to one of his driven targets.
Nastya did not care where they were going – if only a portion of good sex was waiting for her there.
The guy turned off the road and drove into the courtyards of new buildings.
Nastya easily realized that rich people live here.
The houses were twelve or even sixteen stories high.
Everything is just like a needle, even the paint from the lining has not had time to wear out.
Igor slowly drove along three houses, climbing farther and deeper into the district.
And only at the end of the fourth house he braked sharply and parked at the corner entrance.
The light bulb above it was not illuminated – it must have burned out and had not yet been replaced.
Nastya got out of the car and looked around.
Breathing in deeply, the girl realized that somewhere near the river flows – the air was humid, and quite a gentle splash of water came to her ear.
Do you live here? – Anastasia asked, looking around the high beds with flowers around.

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really, ”she heard a soft whisper near her ear.
Igor turned her face to himself and gently kissed her lips, hugging her across his back and hugging him.
Nastya instantly started up – the kiss was languid, awakening desire, making the girl shiver with anticipation.
With her stomach she felt Igor’s rising member.
And even through the fabric of her trousers, Nastya realized that Igor’s machine was impressive.
Slowly, the guy stepped on the girl, forcing her to take a few steps back.
And, without ceasing to kiss, sat her on a bench, standing three meters from the iron.
door entrance.
His hands moved to her chest, nipples caressing through the fabric, inflaming Nastya.
Then they walked along the edge of the tummy, forcing the girl to blissfully close her eyes from pleasure.
Switched to the hips, slowly caressing the waist.
Igor with a sharp movement pulled the skirt out from under Nastya, forcing her to shudder from a sharp touch on a rough tree, from which a bench was carved. Nude in webcam.

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