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I am on the verge of reality and a sea of ??pleasure.
The colors of reality are blurred, replaced by sensual pleasure.
Your tongue burns me, bringing me joy and pleasure.

I enjoy your caresses, moan from pleasure and rise to the seventh sky from happiness.
This was your last tender sex.
Consider that this is the end of your past life.
Now you will be my slave, and you will only hard sex.
This evening you can keep in your memories.
– You grinned and left the room.
I’m trembling with excitement burning with desire, I want to continue, because I have not experienced the happiness of orgasm.

Dedicated to Y.
I ring the door.
I open you.
– You tell me and you smile.
Your slave has arrived.
– I say and kneel before you.
You are somewhat confused, surprised.
You don’t know what to do.
Of course you have no experience, but I want to be yours.
So nice to kneel in front of you.
and watch your confused expression)) Joked and that’s enough, get up) As you order, my Lord.
– I continue to stay on my knees.
– Slave is ready to fulfill your every desire. Sex dvd free online.

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