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He pulled away from her only to unbutton her pants, open the doors of her labia and fasten a powerful excited organ to the entrance to her womb.
Assiya froze in horror.
– Do you think you can replace a man? – Cyril puffed in her ear.

– You are mistaken, bitch, I will show you what a man should be.
When he began to press the head of the organ onto her entrance, Assiya woke up and screamed, she huddled so that he almost let her go, but Cyril slightly shook her fist in the face and everything spun before her eyes.
He fell on her with all his weight and began to squeeze the organ inside.
He made a jerk, but the organ seemed to be stuck in a virgin body, but he repeated jerks, gradually making his way inside.
During these efforts, he did not notice how the virgin ring had broken through, and Asiya silently opened her mouth and huddled in agony, her wide-open eyes filled with tears when everything in the abdomen exploded with sharp pain.
In the end, Cyril penetrated his body until it stops.
It was worth the effort, he began to sweat and out of breath, but he did not intend to stop.
Pulling out his instrument a little, he struck the first blow in depth, then the second.
Despite the pain of tight penetration, of the tensioning skin on the trunk of the organ, he moved faster and faster in his young body.
Cyril peered at Asiya’s face pressed to the table with his cheek, trying to memorize this expression as he made jerks with his hips, rubbing his organ with taut walls in the girl’s flesh.
Asia weakened, subsided and did not resist any more – she only wanted this nightmare to end soon.
The man stopped to catch his breath, he put his hands away and stopped holding her body.
The animal passion seized Kirill, he was like a dog covering his bitch, he leaned over and grabbed her teeth by the shoulder, at that moment all his thoughts were concentrated on the densely swarthy beauty that had gripped his organ.

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He continued to rape her silently, listening to her moaning.
Asia did not notice how Cyril began to breathe rapidly, then groaned and began to pour into her.
The feeling of victory and relief filled the governor, when the warm thick seed filled the bosom of the girl.
When he finished, he stopped, he liked the feeling of her gut tightly wrapped around his organ, convulsively clenching and unclenching.
When the excitement subsided, he pulled the bloodied organ out of it and tucked it into the pants.
He lowered her dress, covering her nakedness.
“Now you are a woman,” he said wearily, “a real woman.”
And, like a woman, you will never have such a club.
If you like it, come, I will teach you a lot.

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And do not go to the princess anymore, otherwise I will kill you.
When he came out, Asia tried to rise, but her legs began to shake, and she lay down on the table again.
Each movement was given a sharp pain between the legs.
She was raped, conquered by a man.
Asia for a long time could not come to her senses, for several days her tears were stifled, her hands shook with anger and resentment.
She sat down and walked with difficulty, but did not let anyone know what had happened.
She rejected the caress of Ulyana, whom she bestowed upon her late evenings, going to bed.
She blamed her refusals for indisposition, for fear of being caught.
And Ulyana, at first concerned about the strange behavior of her friend, soon stopped trying to ask her about the causes of cooling.
Asia assured her of her infinite love, but refused to share a bed with her and indulge in mutual caress.
Ulyana was worried about such changes, she was afraid that she had done something wrong, that she had offended Asya with something, but she didn’t know how to find out the reason for indifference.
At night, lying alone in a big bed, she called for memories of her delicate hands on her body, of her hot lips on her lips.
At the same time, it was as if in reality she felt the glide of a solid, inflexible organ in her bosom.
At such moments, Ulyana spread her legs wide apart, gathering a blanket between them, and wrapped her hips around her, presenting Asya’s wavering breasts, now Vladislav’s powerful shoulders.
She spent alone for almost ten nights, until the prince returned late in the evening.
She was already in bed when she heard a noise outside the window and the knocked maid did not inform her of his arrival. Sex online 3gp.

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