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Moreover, I myself have long wanted to try real sex with a man.
I quickly threw off all unnecessary things, put on high heels, lightly painted eyelashes and lips.
My hair is of medium length, so I just combed it slightly and with the help of lacquer made something similar to a hair-do.

As soon as I finished and lay on the bed, the door opened and Igor entered the bedroom.
Wow! Now I see that my partner did not deceive! Well, Oleg, or more precisely Olya, would have to pay for the work.
Igor sat on the bed and took off swimming trunks.
his member was quite large, 20 centimeters in length and about 4 in diameter.
At the end of the head, a seductive little bit glistened fascinatingly.
I gently took this treasure in my hand and gently licked the head.
From the astringent taste of the lubricant, I almost felt dizzy and began to lick and suck the penis, gradually increasing the pace.
Igor groaned, put his hands on my head and pressed.
I was so excited that I did not resist and came to my senses only when his member fell into my throat.
Suddenly, I felt someone’s hands take off my swimming trunks and heard the voice of Glory.
Well, what are we going to do from the girl girl? I could not answer with a member in my mouth, but in my moans it was already clear.
Glory put me on my knees and put in first one, then two fingers in my hole.
Surprisingly, his fingers easily slid in my ass.
Yes, our girl has flowed! – Slava said, and with these words put his dick to the ass.

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I felt something warm and big coming into me slowly but surely.
Feels like my butt, Slava’s penis was no less than Igor’s.
Glory entered me half and stopped, giving time to get used to its size.
After which he pulled out a member and entered again, already completely.
Finally, I got what I dreamed of for so long.
Two members fucked me at the same time, and since it was a pay for the job, I felt like a whore.
I was so cool that I moaned and podmahivala booty trying to be fucked deep.
Suddenly, I felt like a member in my mouth stiffened, and I was hit in the throat by a large portion of warm tart sperm.
Since Igor’s hands were still on my nape, I had no choice but to swallow it.
And just in time, because the second portion was followed by the second, then another, another, another.
I swallowed and swallowed this nectar, and it seemed it would never end.
I still licked Igor’s cock, as I felt that Slava had driven her monster to me to its full length and a hot jet hit me.
Slava finished long and so much that when he came out of me, thick white sperm flowed out of my ass over stockings.
Exhausted, I collapsed on the bed and came to my senses only when there was no one in the apartment.
And this morning it seems to me that the ceiling needs to be slightly adjusted in two places.
It is good that I still have the phone of this company.
I turned around to go and get the underwear, and he slapped me on the pope with a palm,

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from which I already loudly sank toli by surprise, or by the pain I gave in the ass.
Returning with the package, we went to the house on the back, too, on the 8th floor, like me, and went into his apartment.
The apartment was not to say that it was rich, but not poor as well, as in all, except for the strong smell of drugs, one can see the old man on the tablets live or he is a doctor.
Razvuvshis we went to the main room, where he sat on a leather chair, and I continued to stand.
– well, how is your ass doing? Yes, it became easier, but here.
Your tampon.
When the dog is me, hmmm.
I inserted the tampon myself there, so that the dog would know where to push and as a result, the tampon remained in my bottom. Sex sister brother webcam.

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