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This story happened around the 94th year.
I was then nothing at all for 17 years and I was just finishing school.
In those, one can say, already distant times, access to information of a pornographic nature was very limited: the Internet was not there yet, magazines of various interesting content I could not afford, therefore the only thing I managed to watch was at that time, these are several playboy issues, who once brought me one of my friends on a videotape.

Since I hadn’t seen any naked women before, what I saw had an unimaginable impression on me, it is now difficult to surprise anyone with a simple nudity.
In general, I lived and grew up in complete sexual ignorance, and so it would have lasted more than one year if it were not for the help from my beloved aunt.

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At that time she was already 37 and she was distinguished by the absence of any prejudice on the issue of sex.
This was one of the reasons why I liked to visit her so much, because she often told me completely free, various sexual stories and it gave me real pleasure, and for some reason I could not hesitate to tell her about my fantasies, ask me questions.
Now I understand that then she just decided to take over the patronage over my sex education, so it was in such quantity that she supplied me with the necessary information.
She even joked about this, saying that I now have the first course, theoretical, so to speak calculations.
When this course was successfully completed by me, she once brought me magazines, saying that I should study them thoroughly at home.

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When, returning to my room, I opened them, I was simply amazed – I had never seen anything like that.
Already the first pictures excited me so much that the hand itself reached for the member and began to caress it.
For a week I could not see enough of such a variety of sexual pleasures, and on Saturday with excitement I went again to visit my aunt.
In my eyes, and in my reaction, she realized that what she had seen made an impression on me, and the subsequent discussion of this convinced her that I was ready for the next stage of study, so at the end of the evening I received a video tape at my disposal , you know what, was sent home for study, with the words that after that I will have to pass the exam.
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