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Gad! The delusions of grandeur and too much self-confidence will ever turn you to the ground in front, but back to me! – Yeah, here you are, my dear.
The magic ball reflected a very funny act.
My would-be lover, dressed in the cloths of a wanderer.

(Not if he would come to me like that, I would not give him.
I would have died, but I did not give it!).
he stared into all his eyes at the naked, wicked squalor of the lake.
The elf girl obviously didn’t notice anything.
Is this really what I think ?.
– Bu-ga-ha, idiot, we can not! Ha ha ha !!! Little friend forgot: we were predicted death from a woman! Gy !.
About one of us.
That’s right, baby, do not believe the predictions !.
Why why, why am I a White Magician ??? Idiotic distributions, I had to become Black !!! If war begins, I kirdyk.
Such a big kirdyk in the form of a phallus of this weakling Varginalius.
Gave the creator of the name: in the translation of goblins, it means “going into darkness.”
And in the race of ardallons who speak the letter “r” poorly, in general.
haha !!! I had to fuck him today and take part of his black energy.
Otherwise, you will have to fight again, find out who is stronger.
There have been no wars for a long time, there has been less evil, so the Black Mages never smiles.
Eh, I would be black.
Instead, I go to convince the emperor Dorian that only these blissful bastards need elf war.
They want to pit the two most powerful empires, and then completely get rid of people.
At the same time, the entropy layers of the black category enclose all the other magic layers, and I can draw energy only in light layers! I hate our academy, where they identified me at Svetlye.

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It’s me, I was supposed to be the Black Magician !!! You also have to hide, you can’t use magic right now.
Here I go to the castle of Dorian, then let me show them all how the dragons multiply.
I hate hiding.
So, bang, read the spell, the teleport appeared – and you are there.
But the elves will find out where I, and everyone else, too, our academy is fucking, again, so that the minotaur would fuck them all.
No one should know that I am interfering.
M-das, somewhere there should be my parking lot, near the lake.
It seems here.
Op-pa! Stop! What a splash of water? Did I figure it out ?! But they can interfere.
No, kill – do not kill, they are not fools, they know who they are dealing with.
I can not be killed, for this light zaimeesh crap in the appropriate place.
I quietly made my way through the juniper bushes, spread the branches and.
I saw a bathing man.
It seems that a woman, however, is now fashionable to have long hair and men.
Although not pale green though! No, definitely a woman.
It seems to be an elf.
Really figured out, bastards ?! And you can’t use magic, for now.
Similarly, elf, infection! I would cut her those fucking ears, I hate! Breasts are small, but just such in my taste.
And the nipples are so wow.
Well, that stopped, come on come on.
Took my place, do not believe in such accidents.
However, I did not think that the elfok and between the legs had pale green hair.
Never dealt, that is simply, never had an elfok.
Hmm, what am I doing ?! I never had a woman.
Because of this idiotic prediction.
We, as students, walked through the market, with Varginalius, and some grandma said that one of us is waiting for death from a woman.
Since then, we have no business with women.
At first it was uncomfortable, and then, for two and a half centuries, it somehow got used to, by itself.
The ass is all

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the same.
So, this one came ashore, bent to the ground and.
Scum, I barely dodged! That bitch threw a dagger at me, right in my throat.
Hand held the neck – blood.
He pulled a dagger from a nearby tree (and threw it hard!) And went straight to her.
Dura, she got dressed! Yes, right, decided to rape you, idiot.
It’s even funny.
But blood.
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