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But the fingers did not feel what they expected to feel – instead of two soft pads, an equally soft bag, and above it, it was completely incomprehensible – the elastic-malleable warm core of the boy.
Andrei pulled his hand back as if he had touched a bare wire.
What nonsense! Or is it such a dream? He pinched his hand.

Yes, and does not seem to sleep.
Having struggled with himself with difficulty, he again began to investigate the baby’s body, but the second attempt did not bring clarity – the girl “sponges” did not appear, and the segment did not disappear anywhere.
Andrei gritted his teeth and resolutely threw the hem of the dress “girl” on his stomach.
Leaning even lower, very close, he stared into the eyes of this wonder of nature.
If it were not for the dress, then he would argue on anything that a boy is in front of him! Stubbornly not wanting to believe himself, Andrei began to sort out the things lying in front of him, gazing at them from all angles.
Sasha peacefully snuffled, opening his mouth and spreading shamelessly, he saw something interesting in a dream, completely unaware of what they were doing with it.
Andrei stroked the scrotum with his fingers, rolling the balls, and wondered what he was slipped to? So the girl is really a kid.
Or maybe Denis then – disguised girl? Well, nonsense.
However, it didn’t work out for a long time, the mind refused to obey – the boy was so touchingly beautiful.
Long hair spread over the pillow; lips trembled, now and then diverging into a smile; long eyelashes fluttered like moths. Sexy girl korean webcam.

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