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Here was the most nectar Ariel, and Linda’s nimble tongue began its journey through this part of the princess.
She slid in a circle, not forgetting a single drop, while on the other hand she also gently and gently caressed the princess with her hand.
After drinking plenty of nectar, she slipped through the hollow between her buttocks and entered new territory.

Most of the nectar was already in the palm of your hand, but Linda did not deny herself the pleasure to caress this part of Ariel.
Grasping what has the strength for the headrest, Ariel desperately tried to restrain herself.

but the treacherous moans slipped from her lips and dissolved into the silent night surrounding them.
She tried to cover her mouth with her hand, but the moans broke, once again convincing her of complete impotence over the pleasure Linda gave her.
She felt that this moment would come, and he came.
– Do not go there.
She pleaded.
“I’m too dirty there.”
“I can’t stop, honey.”
I just can not.
I want you there.
Ariel tried to resist sluggishly, but Lindin’s tongue just jumped into the hollow and slid along it, inexorably approaching the cherished hole.

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Now Linda was not embarrassed by nothing, she did not believe that in the one whom she loved more than herself, more than life, there could be at least something dirty.
Her tongue slid along the tensed ring and caught every movement of Ariel, her every breath, it seemed even her thoughts were reflected in the trembling of the tight ringlets.
Linda’s hands, meanwhile, slid across the hips of the princess.
She felt the velvety tenderness of her skin and once again noted the perfect lines of her figure.
No hint of anything superfluous, Ariel was perfect, both her soul and her body.
Hands went around the hips and got into a new stream, but this time it was not nectar.
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