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The bladder strongly protruded forward, forming a ball.
The stomach hardened.
Lelia began to run her finger around the navel of the young man and gently squeeze the bladder wall.

Sergey groaned.
I beg you, Olga, do not do it! Do not do what? – Olga asked, pressing the tips of the fingers of her right hand on the guy’s lower abdomen.
Do not press on the stomach! It hurts a lot! Whoa.
I’m going to burst, please, let me go to the toilet.
Olga only slyly smiled and shook her head.
Then she moved another chair and sat on it, looking at the young man.
Her madly wound up his torment.
Thinking, she took off her shoes.
Lifting her legs in stockings up, she slightly played with her fingers, and pulled them up to Sergei’s face.
How do you like my legs? She asked? – They are very sweaty with me.
Such smelly.
Smell it! Sergey turned his head away from the girl’s feet, from which came the sharp smell of sweat on her legs.
Olya grinned and put both legs on the young man’s stomach, pressing her heels on his bladder with his heels. Sexy webcam live chat.

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