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After that, I opened my hands, which clasped Sasha’s knees, now he was Dima for me, and relaxed my legs, letting Romke know that I could be let go, I represented him in the form of my husband Konstantin.
To which they let me go, and they began to take off my dress. Dima lifted the dress, taking it off over my head, and in the meantime my cat freed me from a narrow strip of panties that was sticking between my buttocks.
I was left with one bra, which flew off me with two movements of their hands, while they accompanied me to bed.

And now, taking off both of them swimming trunks, smacking, I sucked on my Kotik as he always loves, circling the head and helping my hand with gentle movements massaged the barrel of the penis, and Dima drummed my puss at an accelerating pace, from which I began to whine and publish heavy breathing sounds.
The atmosphere has radically changed, I gave up with puppy delight, getting new feelings from my fantasies, I no longer thought about Sasha and Romka, virtually I was with my husband and embodied his dream.
Yes, it was his dream, I knew that he really wanted to have threesome with me, and as a third party there should have been a man.
– Ah, yes, let’s do it, do not stop yet yet! I screamed from a suitable influx in the lower abdomen.
And here he is a fountain of my juice, made his way through the inserted member, and I fought in convulsions of orgasm.
– Romka crush her ass! While exhaling, Sashka moaned, and falling backwards on the bed, he hurried to implant me on his pulsating member.
Again, everything changed, after the words

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I said, I returned to reality, where I already rode on top of Sasha, and Romka from behind with my index finger worked out a narrow anal ring, introducing him deeper.
Already two and almost immediately three fingers, triangulated in the assault on my ass.

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– Nooo! Do not be hurt! – scared, I shouted.
– Shut up bitch! Sasha barked threateningly, grabbing my chest with one hand, and the finger of the other hand fell into my mouth.
– Ay yayay hurt! – I moaned from the pain, tearing my ass.
Romka inserted the head of the penis in the ass and stopped, waiting for my sphincter to relax.
I bit Sashkin’s finger and started sucking him.
– That’s so slut! Suck stronger! – Do you like? Answer me? Sasha sprayed.
– Wow, ooo, how good! Romkin’s cock filled me completely from behind, and I exploded with an orgasm.
– Brother leave me a little.
You’ll drink it all right now, dad won’t get it.
Sasha laughed.
I thought I was worried about myself.
They fucked me incessantly, swapped places, I, in one lingering ecstasy, finished and finished.
Suddenly, the toli, by chance, the toli, specially their members met in my vagina, shuffling about each other, and another member entered the ass.
“Oh, um, ah, what are you doing with me?” I groaned, no longer feeling either pain or pleasure, all mixed up into one big orgasm, not even trying to see the one who was still attached to my ass.
I felt how my vagina was completely filled with hot viscous fluid, they both finished right in me, I hadn’t seen so much sperm yet, it didn’t just run down their eggs, it broke out in a fountain.
They got their machines and shoved them into my mouth, sperm still flowed from.
– Let’s wash their bitch! Sashka ordered the tone.
– How do you like our dad? Ironically asked Romka.
One member still remained in me, he continued to host my ass, putting me on my back and through the members stuck in my mouth, I saw their father.
Judging by the expression on his face, he was already on the way.
So it is, he zashprivat my ass with his sperm under the neck and pulled him to my mouth.
– Come on, suck suck it! He drove away his sons and thrust an eggplant over my cheek.
Now it is clear who and they are such healthy members.
– Well done sons cool, burning bitch drove the old man! I heard already disconnecting.
To be continued.
Every time I had to imagine Vladik kissing my girlfriend Nina, putting her hand on her elastic chest, stroking her, and then starting to unbutton her blouse buttons, strong tension was felt in my pants.
I even developed a plan for how to organize such a seduction by my friend, my girlfriend, who so far were not even familiar with each other.
For almost a week, I spent all my time free from my attorney’s work to equip a telecommunications system in an office equipped apartment for recording betrayal on video. Teen anal sex webcam.

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