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Then we sat down in front of the TV, and we saw Paul on the screen

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with another woman.
Definitely, they had sex.
Squinting at the spouse, I saw that she was looking, holding her breath.

Suddenly, I felt the hand of Paula on my elbow, she gently stroked me gently, it seemed that she was fascinated by what was happening on the screen.
With her other hand she touched my spouse’s wrist, also lightly stroking her.
Mike, relaxing, drank his drink, it seemed that what was happening did not concern him.
Then Mike appeared on the screen and, joining the ladies, he began to caress both while they were engaged in each other.
At that moment it became clear to us that we had become the object of sexual interest of another married couple, we had to hear about swingers, spouses who exchange partners.
Naturally, neither I nor my spouse were ready for this, although I felt that she was interested in everything that was happening.
But it was surprising that there was no sign of attention from Mike to my spouse.
Or did I just not notice it? The screen went out, Paula offered us a swim.
The problem of the absence of bathing suits did not personally bother me, I was waiting for the reaction of N.
She, unexpectedly for me, agreed, and we, having quickly undressed, jumped into the gurgling bubble bath.
Paul and Mike were both very harmoniously folded, looking at her breasts, I felt like I was going crazy.
Mike, despite his short stature, turned out to be the owner of a very large member, which, however, hung.
I saw that H was very excited about what I saw.
They stepped into the tab.
Paul was on my right, H-left, Mike opposite.
Paul clung to my wife, H remained completely indifferent, squeezing my hand.
Paul pulled away, we sat in silence.

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Suddenly, I felt that at once two hands were fighting for my instantly risen member.
Paula took him in her hand, H did not give.
The situation became comical.
Paula pulled away again, this time from me.
Saving the situation, I began to caress my spouse, passionately thinking about the one that sat to my right, and wildly wanting her.
H answered me, she generally instantly start up, reacting to affection.
By the edge of my ear I heard that the owners of the house are busy with the same.
Trying to keep the situation under control, I suddenly saw that the hand of my wife was stretched out under the boiling water in the direction of Mike opposite him.
Not to say that I liked it.
At this moment, Paul completely captured my attention, starting to kiss my face and, gently caressing me with her hands, pressed herself to me.
I gave up, completely switching to it.
Mike moved to H and I saw them kissing.
The floorless pussy completely devoid of vegetation attracted me, a sense of novelty took hold of me, for many years I have not touched any woman except my wife.
I lost my head.
Paula offered us to go to the bedroom, where the same sliding door led, We came out of the water, H imploringly looked at me and whispered in Russian that she wanted only with me.
It was a complete collapse of my plans, I was already all with Paula.
Paul and Mike, of course, felt what was happening, delicately left us, having gone into the bedroom.
We dressed, quickly said goodbye, kissed and left.
It was too new for N, I understood that she acted rationally, not allowing events to develop beyond our will.
Arriving home, we rushed into the bed and frantically loved each other all night.
Later, H admitted that she wildly wanted sex with Mike, but was not ready to see me with another woman.
We both understood that the event that happened to us will forever change our life, we felt that we had become much closer to each other and more desirable.
And they began to understand each other again.
So we came to swing.
The next day, Mike called and left a message thanking for our visit and offering to call and meet again.
But we never had sex with them, despite the fact that we met several times at parties.
But we had a lot of other familiar couples, but about this, like some other time.
– So, Boris.
– the chief strictly looked at me – No tricks! Arrived on time, met, drove to the hotel, checked in and brought here.
No “snack”, “for the acquaintance,” and so on.
! – San Sanych! – I made excuses – Well, when did I do it like this !? Webcam anal machine.

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