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To which Lyudmila offered him to wear a larger diameter anal plug, so that his anus would get used in larger sizes and could accept any phallus that his partner would prefer.
Fortunately, such violent orgies did not recur in the future.
One woman even approached the young man and apologized in private for being so rude to him.

But after all, he himself must understand, she was justifying, anyone would have lost her head in her place, being close to such a pretty girl.
Lyosha reddened the compliment and accepted her apologies, and they secured the friendship by cunnilingus.
However, over the next week or two, the boy struggled to satisfy the insatiable appetites of adult temperamental women and young tireless girls who did not miss a single chance to fuck his sweet ass or hold the guy in the corner and lick their vaginas.
Often he asked them to fuck him in turn or together, so that one could have him in the ass, and the second – to enjoy the clever tongue.
While the rest still had to wait for their turn, otherwise this sex marathon completely exhausted Lesha. Bongacams private sexyladyim.

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