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And now I will be her “husband” in this hotel.
– Mom, but how? I’m your son! “Very simple,” answered the mother, “I told the owner that now you are my husband, and Leshka is our son.”
And showed him our documents.

In vain did I give this Moscow bug so much money for them ?! From what I heard I almost stunned.
Mom – a prostitute? I’m her husband ?! But it was not all surprises.
When I stopped goggling and closed my mouth a little gaping with surprise, mother said: “Sometimes a client wants to take a woman” in two bows “: And if a client came alone without a friend, then: then the woman calls her husband: That is, I will have to call you: But it costs more.
From 500 euros per hour.
-Like this? What does “two bows” mean? Why more? Mom paused a little, and then said: – You will have to: have sex with me.
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Steamed with a client.
Tell me, have you been with a woman? Have you had sex? I thought and silently nodded my head: “That’s good,” Mom whispered.
-But, Mom, I probably can not! And in general, I hate: – I tried to argue.
Mom cut me off without letting me finish.
– What exactly can you not? What do you hate? – She asked in a stern voice. – See how you are: with other men: Having sex.
I can not.
And most have sex with you: I can not! -Here so, huh? You don’t like your mother being a whore and a prostitute, right? -Yes! – I replied – Well, then come back to Yuzhnouralsk! I thought.
Before my eyes flashed pictures dirty, uncomfortable Yuzhnouralsk, stinky porch, cramped apartment aunt, which, by the way, my mother has already sold: -You Know, I’ll try, mom.
– I said.
Mom looked into my eyes.
Her gaze was as serious as ever.
-You’re staying? -Yes.
I stay.
– With a mother – a prostitute? -Yes.
-Tell me! -I stay with you: -With your mother – a prostitute! Well! – I’m staying with my prostitute mother! – I said firmly.
-And are you ready, if needed, to fuck me with a client? I looked up at mom.

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– Yes, Mom, I will try.
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Together with customers.
That same evening, we went to the “matrimonial” bed with my mother.
Leshka has long slept in his bed.
Mom was naked and made me undress: She stroked my chest – Son, I would like you to get used to calling me by name.
It will not be good if at the client you call me mom: This word sounds the same in all languages.
Agreed? -Well, ma:, – well, Ira.
-Call me Irishka or Irinka.
– mother clung to me with her hot body: -Yes.
-Say: -Good, Irinka: -You shouldn’t be shy.
-I understand.
-Are you ready? Not knowing what it was, I should be ready, I firmly said: Yes.
Mom decisively threw aside the blanket.
-Come to me! I approached my mother, looked into her eyes: I took my mother’s face in my hands: And I kissed her on the lips: After a few seconds I entered her: It was a miracle! That’s how it all started, there, in Greece, in Larissa.
Now we have been living in Spain for five years. I graduated from college here and started working as a web designer.
At first I earned a little.
But then I was lucky.
Our studio, which mainly consists of students, invented and launched into the world network of the crazy frog Froggy.
Remember this? “Dram-drv-drv-drv-dr-dr-dr-drrrrr!” Remember? I also took part in its development.

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For us it was just a joke, we didn’t think that we would make billions of dollars from Froggy! But that’s exactly what happened! Through the Internet, the bad song of our frog has downloaded millions of people all over the world into mobile phones, laptops and computers! Our studio earned nearly three billion dollars on this stupid song! Of course, most of the studio owner took it, by the way, also a student.
But he turned out to be an honest guy and paid everyone who worked on Froggy.
I received no more, but no less than the rest.
Fifty million dollars: So, my mother no longer works as a prostitute.
I bought us a villa.
And now mom is just a housewife.
I no longer work in the studio.
Equipped an office in the villa.
So, my bedroom and my office share a dozen steps: I get orders over the Internet, and the money for work done is transferred to my bank account.
You know how great it is, after working all day in the office, go down the stairs to the dining room and have dinner there with the most beloved man in the world – my mom! I’m not married yet.
It’s too early.
I like Spanish women, but I don’t have my chosen heart yet.
Probably, in five or six years, I’m still getting married.
But while my mother takes care of me.
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