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He continued to fuck her, gradually penetrating his finger in her ass.
“I’m going to fuck you in the ass,” said Paul, as if by the way.
– Yes, yes, come on, stick your dick in there! She moaned.

It sounded like music.
Paul took out his fat dick from her oozing pussy and pressed it to the entrance to her ass.
Natasha arched toward him and groaned.
His cock barely went inside.
Paul held him a little there to get used to the feeling of the incredible tightness and tightness of a young ass, and then slowly began to move back and forth.
He gradually accelerated.
Natasha’s moans turned into screams, she licked her lips and pursed him.
Paul already had her ass with the same speed and as rude as he did with her pussy.
He felt that his legs were trembling, and he quickly dragged her from the wall onto the bed and threw her on her elbows and knees in front of him.
His cock broke into her ass again, without any preparation, and he continued his triumph over her.
Paul firmly held Natasha by her sides, from time to time strongly and painfully slapping her on the buttocks, and his cock continually invaded her designed ass.
Natasha moaned and screamed: “Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me there!” After a few minutes, Paul turned her back, Natasha spread her legs wide and he drove her dick into her ass from this position.
It was unusual and interesting.
Paul was already moving with all his might, but he continued, quickly, all accelerating, to have her.

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He felt that he was approaching orgasm.
At this moment, Natasha finished the second time, she screamed loudly and clung to the edges of the bed.
Paul pulled a member out of her ass and got up on the bed.
Natasha clung to him.
He sent a member straight into her moaning mouth: – Suck it.
To his surprise, she sank to his trembling organ, a second ago, being in her anus, and began to suck eagerly on it.
Her tongue rushed at him, while Paul, holding her head with both hands, furiously fucked her mouth.
This went on for a couple of minutes.
Finally, Paul felt the approach of a red wave, growled and his cock seemed

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to explode.
He was discharged into Natasha’s sucking mouth with the largest portion of sperm in her life.
She could not swallow everything, although she tried.
Paul pulled his cock from her mouth and began to continue to cum, pouring her face, neck, chest and even the bed.
They both collapsed on the bed, trying to catch their breath.
After a while, Paul asked in a weak voice: “So, our friendship has not suffered from this?” Natasha giggled.
– No, no, she is thriving and has become much better! – I thought so.
– answered Paul.
Having seized the bottle from me, she first tries to introduce it with her neck into herself.
It turns out.
She, too, is smeared with the same fertilizer.
More more.
I take the bottle and the case fucked girlfriends in my hands.
That’s it, love, like this, and I’ll kiss you.
Irka spreads her legs more and more widely, grease runs down her thighs, the bottle goes deeper and deeper into its entire diameter.
The girl is almost ready.
I’ll send you into space right now.
An! The bottom of the bottle with the squish flies into the bowels of Irishki.
She rolled her eyes with a barely audible sob and fell on the bed.
Lord, swoon! We must rather remove this stupid bottle from it.
But as soon as I try to do this, the lifeless Irka, without opening her eyes, clings to her.
I see that she is trying to turn her over.
Then her cunning eyes open.
– Anya, thank you, really great! But if I had not been so furious here.
– And me.
Stop, and what about the sailors? Girl webcams masturbation.

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