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I stood in heels, in some white panties.
Under the panties my ass was drilled with a metal butt plug, whose outer side was strongly protruding from under the panties, and for sure was visible even through the robe.
I was wearing a long translucent robe, wide open and opening up the view of my vast chest.

True, the nipples were covered with special linings, which I found in ITS first package.
Something inside me stung inside while I was choosing a robe – my shame, apparently, was not completely banished from the soul.

It will not be possible to “go on the hell out” in a permissive way – I dare not violate his orders.
Smiling and wishing good morning, I prepared tea and sat down with Vanya at the table, I finally decided to talk to my son: – Vanya, what you saw yesterday, there is nothing to worry about.
I’m still a young woman, and I, like everyone, like you have your own specific, uh, needs that follow to satisfy.
– But mom, grandfather did it so rudely, I first got scared, did not know what to do, and then, and later.

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Vanya stammered, gazed into the cup of tea and fell silent.
Poor thing, to which I brought him.
That is, he brought.
We need to help him, somehow “smooth” everything or something.
“Vanya, there wasn’t anything terrible, I love doing this THAT, even if it seems strange.”
I will continue to do this.
I told you that I have needs.
I like it.
Do you understand? – Yes mom.
But then I will.
– Vanya quietly spoke under his breath, still gazing at the cup of tea.
– Then there was something that should not be in the future.
Do you understand me well? – You couldn’t put the thing in your ass, but I ,.
I was too excited and lost my head.
“I understand, and I’m not mad at you for that.”
It is rather my fault than yours.
You are a young boy, a teenager, hormones are playing – I understand that perfectly.
Koba bongacams video.

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