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How else? The first bitch spins, or what? I have risen.
Yes, it did.

Another glass and eble could be forgotten today.
Came out to the car.
We need to tinker a little more, to give him the opportunity to take certain steps towards rapprochement.
He took off the player, seized a couple of disks more cheerfully, sneaked up to the slightly ajar door to observe further developments.
I will do this: As soon as they start kissing, no, perhaps, as soon as she enters the taste of Genkin kisses, then I will appear in the house.
So that she fully understood the piquancy of the situation, further on the circumstances.
Genka bent over Nadia, her fists on the table cover, Nadia sat on a chair with her head thrown back against the carved back, laughing merrily, what Genk had said to her, her mouth parted revealing even white teeth.
I got a dick.
Come on, gentleman, what are you pulling? Work! Genka brought his face closer to her lips.
Heck! Fucking not visible! You’re about brother! Think about it, make a view like in a theater.
All the same, do not do it.
We’ll have to guess her mood and the flickering fragments of the picture from behind Genka, to draw conclusions about the success of the operation.
Suddenly, Genka came to her from behind without taking his face from her face, missed hands under her armpits, took her by the chest.
Yes, contact! She trembles.
It’s time to go.
– So, guys, music.
– I said as if nothing had happened.
Nadia twitched at the same time.
Genka hands with breasts removed.
Play like play.
– Battery? – No, no, no, you drag him! I do not even know how it is removed.

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– Good.
– Genka winked at me.
And he left the room.
“Nadush, did my brother give you a secret name?” – Not yet.
I did not even stutter as you ordered.
“So the time has not come yet.”
I approached her, she didn’t even change her posture, so she remained sitting with her head thrown back on the chair.
He touched her cheek with his palm, leaned over and kissed her, hot, passionately, as soon as Genk had done a minute ago.
She gave in, dissolved her lips, timidly touched my tongue with her tongue.
Razmykla, limp, blurred limply over a chair.
Yes! Our.
Not right now, but close.
It is necessary, for beauty, a few strokes still apply.
Played music.
Genka quietly crept up and hooked up the player.
Well done! – Let’s Dance.
– Yes.
The two of us and Genka were circling around her like Chechens in a lezginka.
Genk and picked up a hearty, so that the girls from the rhythm all turned upside

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Deaf beats of the drums, a thud of the heart, we replace each other, and kiss her in turn, kiss, touch her body, unfasten the buttons on the blouse.
I pulled her to me, she threw her arms around my neck.
Genka hugged her from behind, she threw back her head, passionately catching his lips.
I knelt, giving her lips Genk, lifted up her skirt, kissed her belly, from the navel and below going down touching the body with his lips, pulling off her panties with two fingers.
She’s ready.
It’s time to go upstairs.
Her legs are shaking.
I know this from impatience and over-excitement.
If we do not start now – it will burn out, then the chance will be lost, it will come to its senses.
I picked her up, half undressed, and carried her up the stairs to the attic.
Genka with a lantern behind.
Not a word! Any word can bring it out of trance, self-hypnosis.
She’s a fool herself in it.
He put it on the mattresses, carefully as the most precious burden, bent over his face, she went into a protracted kiss, rolling her eyes.
Her body shook with jolts, squinting a little eyes.
I’ve already started.
Well done! Now I will start.
When it comes to taste and it will be impossible to stop already.
Here it is, this minute! She moans, stretches her hands to Genkina’s head.
Fingers sticking on my penis.
Touches him, caresses.
I’m closer, closer. Live sex models.

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