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In 1987, most still did not have the sensation of an impending catastrophe.
And she already had a presentiment.
Persuasion did not help.

It’s a pity.
Because of the developed insomnia, I quickly finished a good article.
Elena disinterestedly helped to prepare the manuscript for sending: she dictated difficult places to the typist, entered the formulas at the right intervals, wielded the “Stroke”, making corrections.
Life was a regular rut.
Anka no longer rampaged, but returned to her usual dissatisfied state before the hickeys disappeared from her neck.
We again began to quarrel out of the blue.
And a year later, in May 1988, we broke up.
Apparently, the limit of mutual patience was exhausted simultaneously.
This gap surprisingly coincided in time with the arrival at Ankina of the department of the flying German professor who, of course, had a crush on such a woman.
He still cared for her for another year, got married and took her to Munich.
True, he was much, much older than her, which caused serious problems in their family life in the 90s.
I am writing about this without any gloating.
So, already in the spring of 88 both Elena and I were free.
However, another year passed before I overcame the inveterate fear of being rejected by Lenkin’s palms and began to take active steps in relation to her.
Having lost patience to wait, she helped me as she could.
We did not cooperate with each other, she

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didn’t want to advertise this office romance, but we spent a lot of time together, didn’t quarrel, and talked for hours about everything.

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Almost everything.
The topic of Anka was excluded from our conversations.
Elena liked sex with me, she let it know, in bed she was amazing, but calm.
That storm of ’87 never recurs, but it was not necessary.
She liked the pose of “little Faith”.
In this position, I reached for some of her important point, Lenka flashed and whispered: “My sunshine, honey:”.
I admired her glowing figure, knowing that any employee of our scientific research institute would have turned out to be in my place.
I often confessed her love, called to marry.
She kept silent, stroked my balding head.
Those words that she said to me in the morning of that Monday, Monday, 87, I never heard from her again.
However, I called her to life together less and less aggressively.
The scary 1992 year has come.
Who worked then in science – will understand.
In science cities, they literally ate grass, and in big cities, scientists interrupted by casual earnings.
And Elena, and it became clear to us that we can survive only one by one.
She left me, and after a while she retired from our scientific research institute in her own style – quietly, with dignity and tact.
Elena found herself in a new field – she writes popular science books for the young, she is sure that her delicious stories about science will lure a new generation of future scientists into the network of scientific research, and they will finish what we have chosen.
She is a happy grandmother of two granddaughters.
During my brief visits to Moscow, I sometimes meet Elena at various scientific events.
We rush to each other, only enough time to dream to find time to sit somewhere over a cup of coffee.
At the same time, neither she nor I believe that this will work out.
As far as can be judged during these fleeting meetings, with the figurine she is still all right, her laughing eyes are still recruiting new and new hapless fans.
But Anka fat.
Sex is no longer interested in her in any way.
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