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He washed himself on the toilet and went to him, may I ask you about his suck, I agreed, lay down on the bed so that his head hung, he went into the throat was not comfortable, and still sore, I decided to suffer he was affectionate for me.
He took my dick in my mouth, fucking me in the throat, then completely leaving it until it stops entering.
So we fucked all night until we fell asleep.

The next day we parted agreed to meet again, but fortunately did not succeed.
– Ying.
I am waiting.
– Lips, lips.
– Eh.
– Smile.
– Well.
First sexual desires.
not yet conscious, but already strong, the head is spinning:: desire.
and the fear of the unknown, the forbidden and such a pleasant world.
It has been many years: but sometimes there are bright and clear pictures of early youth.
as if it were yesterday.
I study in the 6th grade of a regular secondary school, we are already looking at the girls, but the girls only watch and discuss older boys.
and hormones take their toll.
and require the release of the first unbridled sexual energy.
and nature, as usual, finds its way out and its compromises:
Summer: holidays.
Igor came in the morning – a classmate.
calling to go to the cinema for some interesting film, quickly going.
and in half an hour we were sitting in the half-empty hall in the dark on the last row.
Started the movie.
I feel: as Igor’s gently warm hand lay on my knee, it hit me like a current.
blood rushed to the head.
heart beat quickened, but did not remove his palm.
I decided to wait for what will happen next, the palm of my friend began to gently move his leg higher, his palm reached through his pants to his groin.
the member was already treacherously standing, the comrade’s fingers rested on the bump sticking out of his pants: the fingers gently touched the member: they stopped for a moment waiting for my reaction, I was very pleased, the member tensed even more and began to pulsate a little in the pants, feeling my reaction fingers already cheekily clasped the trunk and began to move from the head to the base and back.

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it was a pleasure.
I have never had such a sweet film show.
but he didn’t dare to run his hand in his pants for the first time, but that was enough for me to get an unforgettable experience.
They left the cinema as if nothing had happened, they pretended that nothing had happened.
After this incident, we often began to “go to the cinema”, although we were no longer interested in cinema, we went to any film, we were sure only together, didn’t take anyone with us under any pretext, immediately sat down on the last row away from people and as soon as the light went out , the friend’s palm immediately appeared on my knee and began its impudent movement towards its goal.
Such harassment continued several times, but Igor and I already wanted something more.
Once he came to my house during the day when his parents were not at home, I was dressed in a robe and under it were thin spacious light panties (to be honest, I specially dressed in anticipation of meeting alone) I really wanted Igor to get at least quickly before the panties, so I did not even begin to wear tights, I really wanted him to stroke the panties right away.
I felt like a girl on the first date, excitement, shame, blush on his cheeks, eyes shyly lowered: Igor immediately understood my condition.
and appreciated

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the benefits provided by the bathrobe, we talked about something abstract, sitting on the couch, looked at reproductions of pictures of naked women, specially selected in advance by me from the home library.
both were very excited and Igor did not have to wait long for him to take action.
His hand was already confidently reaching for the robe.
climbed under him and his palm lay on the fabric of the panties, it seemed as if I was paralyzed:: I barely – could barely maintain a neutral conversation, my voice was shaking, though his voice too:: he wrapped his fingers through my thin cock with desire and began to gently masturbate and iron.
I was waiting for the continuation.
but the doorbell rang.
Another friend came, had to stop and go for a walk on the street.
A few days later, the guys decided to play a game like Cossack robbers in a small abandoned fishing line, there were many hidden places where you can safely hide and no one will find you.
Igor was also among the guys.
I hid in the depths of the forest and suddenly saw, or rather felt that Igor quietly approached from behind (he apparently watched me from the very beginning of the game and found where I hid), I was in sports leotards and so was he, so when he quietly approached from behind and leaned against me, I felt his cock rested through leotard right in my ass. Rt bonga cams net.

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