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Sex anal cam. I will not describe the whole horror of the procedure here, but in an hour my pussy could boast a beautiful golden earring.
The days passed quickly, the wound healed, I could already silently write in the toilet, and not scream in pain.
In the morning my husband returned, I met him with a tender kiss, carried off to work.
The working day dragged on for a long time, but it also came to an end.

After a shower, I walked naked along the corridor to our bedroom and settled myself comfortably on a wide bed with a magazine in my hands, legs bent at the knees, spreading them apart wider.
He entered the room and I heard a cry: What have you done to yourself !! I looked away from the magazine in disappointment, which I didn’t read, but just hid my satisfied face a moment ago.

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I HAVE FOOTED FOR YOU! The husband understood his mistake immediately and began to smile, confused.
At the same time, his eyes eagerly glanced at the opening views and burned me.
I laughed and threw my magazine at him.
He slowly sat down at my feet.
He touched his knees and kissed first one, then the second knee.
Shivers captured both, as the week break in sex made itself felt! Kissing passionately delicate skin of bare legs, he sank lower and lower, I didn’t hide my impatience and even dared to scream – Down with caress !! My husband frantically took out the earring from my pussy, and here we stumbled upon a little problem, his fingers did not want to obey and the lock did not yield, I moaned loudly from pleasure and begged him to stop this agony! Finally, the earring flew to the floor, it seemed like a hungry beast attacked me and entered me abruptly and completely!

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It seems I flew away at once, and the orgasm lasted indefinitely, rolling over me with each push of an elastic member in my pussy.
This I have not experienced and it was great !!! My dear finished violently without restraining sweet moans! This is how one golden earring brought bright colors to our sex life!
– Alla, listen to you? – asked velvet high voice.
– Good day, is it you, an outstanding brunette? – In general, yes, and you are a simple-minded “non-predisciplinary”?
– It is better to say “not recognizing compliments and complexes.”
And why do you say “generally yes”? – I almost don’t hope to meet anyone normal, especially through such newspapers.
– Why? – People want the same thing, sex, money, or in general, they say one thing and then do another.
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