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But contrary to expectations, instead of sliding down, she kicked him hard in the groin.
The thief did not expect such a blow and croaked: – Ah, you.
– he did not have time to continue, since the next kick was on the knee of his supporting leg.

Olya heard the crunch of a broken joint.
The thief fell to his side with a cry

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The third blow in the jump Xenia struck him with the strongest heel strike on the back of the head.
Olya heard a thump of the head of the kidnapper on the concrete floor.
Ksenia hung on the yoke.
Olga saw a puddle formed under their tormentor, and he remained lying with his eyes slightly open.
Ksenia for some time hung on the collar, breathing heavily, since the gag made it impossible to breathe through the mouth.
Finally, she came to herself and began to try to get rid of the yoke, removing it from the hook.
That she could not manage.
It was necessary to lower the hook lower.
The control panel with three large buttons hung from the ceiling, but was noticeably above the level of her hands tied behind her back.
Olya thought: – They neutralized the kidnapper, but if Xenia doesn’t take herself off the hook, even if they find them anyway, either they die or, at least, they’re left without hands.
Ksenia for some time hung on the yoke and it seemed to Olga that she had disconnected.

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Suddenly, Ksenia got up, swung on the hanger and tried to catch the remote with her legs, having bent her straight legs in her belt, thus demonstrating a beautifully inflated abdominals.
The console just shook.
Ksenia again relaxed and waited until the console ceased to swing like a pendulum.
This went on several times.
Olga has already lost hope that this acrobatic trick will work.
But here, finally, Xenia managed to grab him with his feet and press the right button.
Hook dropped to the floor.
Xenia with visible effort, leaving traces of blood on the floor from her wounded feet, approached Olga, sat back to her and with her sore, poorly listening hands strongly pulled the air out of her gag, and with difficulty pulled it out of Olin’s mouth.
Olya could only say:
I began to recover, my head was spinning and I was very sick.
This is the hangover that we drank with this guy yesterday.
Stop, and where I am, what a strange, brightly lit room all lined with white tiles, grayed by the time I lay on a narrow hard bed that resembles an army dressage.
I sat on the edge of the bed, and what was on me was some kind of hospital gown.
My head was spinning, I was nauseous – I didn’t understand and could not understand where I was all the same.
Fuck, and this is what, my hands froze on my chest – this is something a dream.
No, that’s for sure, crazy, I have a real breast, a female breast, and a rather big one, the size of a third one.
I rushed to the iron door, which turned out to be locked and began to bang on it that there are forces, shouting myself not realizing that I was in a panic, I wanted to think that all this was a dream and that I would wake up now.
I was sitting on the floor, still hysterical only now, in silence, when the door creaked and a man appeared in the open door, but this is the man with whom we were drinking the bar yesterday, he sat down and offered me a drink, saying that he had family problems, not drinking alone. Sex gay live chat.

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