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She lifted him up to squeeze the entire length from the testicles to the tip, she bared the head and licked it like a popsicle.
She plunged a member into her mouth and firmly squeezed the trunk with her hand.
Max was fascinated for some time watching how my dick rammed the forbidden girl’s hole, and then closed his eyes and began to enjoy Natasha’s blowjob.

His hands lay on her head and began to stick her deeper.
After a few minutes of sweet torture, Max could not stand it and was discharged into Natasha’s tired mouth.
I admired how she allowed him to get the last drop of pleasure: she gently stroked her lips with a throbbing and still sinking head.
Max patted Natasha on the head, then suddenly bent down, kissed her lips and leaned back on the sofa in exhaustion.
I also could not hold back any longer and began to cum inside the girl’s ass.
I distinctly felt my barrel pulsing, pushing sperm inside an unusually narrow opening, how

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it pushed and shoots inside, filling the walls.
Natasha also felt something and squeezed her anus, mixing my feeling of pleasure with a feeling of pain.
I slowly pulled out my already slightly limp organ: my ass throbbed again, freeing myself from the intruder.
Natasha fell on her side, putting his head on Max’s knees, right next to the drooping member.
She rested for a few minutes, then suddenly woke up, kissed Max’s fighter good-bye, and got up: You still have a lot of work, and I’m bothering you here.
Bye boys! I hope you were as good as me? We moaned, depicting pleasure, and nodded their heads.
Natasha put her finger to her lips: So that no one word! And air here.
A minute later she was already dressed, and after two she was no longer in the room.
We looked at each other: The next photo session is not earlier than tomorrow, okay? We nodded to each other and walked around to dress.

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Forces were not perfect.
Putting the condoms on the sofa, she went to me and pulled off my skirt.
– They need to pull higher.
– She said, and looking me straight in the eye, pulled my panties up.
My cock was tightly pressed between his legs.
We coped with the member (it turned out not bad), and I finally took off the stupid T-shirt, having remained in only shorts.
– So, Anya, cutie, let’s think through your story.
– said Vick, straightening my wig.
– I’m not pretty.
– I got angry.
– H stupid, if my husband calls you so, you answer him that way too? Better get used to it now.
She put me in a chair in front of a large mirror and began to look at my face.
Then she threw a black bra into my lap and put both condoms in her hands.
– Understand this, Anh, but for now I’ll get makeup.
Bra, probably the size of the fourth.
Just under Vikin’s chest, so I decided to tighten the straps shorter, so that he reliably held small condoms filled with warm water.
When I put it on, putting the condoms inside, turned out to be a good design.
I pressed one breast with curiosity, felt a warm condom with my body and palm at the same time, and I caught my breath.
She was almost like a real one! I liked it wildly, and I began to squeeze my chest again and again, when Vika suddenly entered with her cosmetic bag.
(Your most depraved fantasies HERE – good advice) – Studying your new body? she grinned.
I was embarrassed and lowered my head, removing my hands from my chest.
My eyes rested on the dick sticking out of her panties.
“This is bad,” she poked her finger into my crotch, and I began to hastily cope with the situation.
In the end, I did not find anything better than to bend the still not very hardened member under me and sit on it until he finally stood up.
– Well.
And now, An, tell me about yourself while I apply makeup to you.
I began to invent more or less plausible nonsense, and Vika constantly corrected me so that I would talk and think about myself as a woman and try to make my already high voice more feminine.
The voice didn’t work right away, but it wasn’t very difficult.
In the end, while she plucked my eyebrows, painted her lips, eyelashes, put shadows, I got used to my new look.
Soon I saw in reflection a real and rather sweet girl dressed in black underwear.
The bra completely covered my artificial breasts, so the resemblance was stunning.
– Hello, you’re great.
– I said a new voice.
– We are lucky that you have such female features.
– answered Vika. Sex scritaia camera.

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