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At the same time, my colleague entered the room.
Lana managed to close her raincoat, whispered “till the evening” and leave.
At parting, I yelled out – Just buy home sugar, and black tea – Lana turned around

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and nodded.

My employee approached me.
All the while he was staring at Lana.
Approaching, he patted his shoulders sympathetically, and said – Dude, she is unlikely to buy tea, and especially sugar.
After you gave her a slap in the face, consider you lucky if she doesn’t write a complaint to the cops.
“Perhaps,” I replied thoughtfully.
He shook his tongue, and added – What a chick.
Oh no no no.
Do not know how you find a way to the women.
The guard, cloakroom attendant, nurse were all polite and smiling.
Dear clinic, immediately visible.
I was seated in an easy chair, while waiting for a reception, they asked me to fill in a questionnaire, offered coffee or tea.
Well, at least somehow relieve the tension from the upcoming meeting with the urologist.
Some live and do not know grief, nothing hurts them.
And I have no luck, in that year I broke my hand, now I’ve got it again.
“The doctor is waiting,” came the nurse’s voice, “let me see you.”
I went for the nurse, looking at how blue uniform pants accentuate her buttocks.
Perhaps some nurse would look better.
He would have been taller, but bootier.
There was nothing terrible in the doctor’s office.
Two chairs, a coffee table, a wardrobe, some doors.
The doctor was about forty, blond hair, glasses, a calm, kind face.
I sat across from him, trying to calm my excitement.
– What is bothering you? – Carefully asked the doctor.
I told about the fate of the villain, about how I got tired of running around to write every hour, and that it was getting up somewhere under the left cheek, as well as what and when I was sick.

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– How often do you live sexually? – the doctor inquired.
Here they went, tricky questions.
Even as formulated something flowery.
“Less often than I would like,” I tried to joke.
It turned out pretty pathetic, the doctor did not even smile.
– Is sexual arousal taking off with masturbation? How often? Never told anyone about masturbation.
And now I have to.
– Yes, every day, sometimes twice.
“Good,” said the doctor, and got up. “Let’s go to the observation room.”
Here it is, of course, well, let’s go.
Behind one of the doors was a small room with a cloth covered with oilcloth, a sink, and shelves with syringes and cans.
The doctor, standing very close to me, began to wear gloves.
“Take off your pants,” the doctor ordered.
I unbuckled the belt and pulled down the jeans and panties below the knees, then straightened up, hitting the head of the doctor’s lab coat.
He sat down on a small stool and began to feel my household.
Pulling the skin on the head of the penis, he carefully examined something there, almost touching his glasses.
I felt his warm breath.
The painful imagination immediately drew a picture, combining the polite mouth of the doctor with my dick, I was terribly agitated and frantically began to think about repairing the tap in the kitchen.
But the member is still treacherously increased.
The doctor, however, did not give a sign or did not notice.
– Now we take a smear, it will be a little unpleasant, look up, – he said.
Strongly zaschpilo that, to my joy, helped to cope with unnecessary fantasies.
“Everything, everyone, finished with a stroke,” the doctor stood up and began to manipulate the glasses.
I waited, what will happen next, continuing to stand with my pants down.
“Get on the couch and take a knee-elbow position,” the doctor ordered.
I did not understand at first.
Knee-elbow: That is, cancer? Well, cancer is so cancer.
The oilcloth was cold and sticky.
Rather awkwardly, I climbed onto the couch and occupied the required position.
The doctor pulled my shirt up to my neck and I realized that I was completely naked with a high and somewhat invitingly raised ass.
Realizing, I decided not to think about it anymore.
“Bend your back a little and your legs wider,” I heard the doctor’s voice.
He took a piece of cotton wetted with something cold and quickly rubbed it between my buttocks.
– Now relax, it will be a little not nice, but not for long.
I did not have time to relax.
With a strong, confident pressure, the doctor put a finger into me. Sex video online tube.

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