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But no one came out.
Then I plucked up courage and went past the dog, she was tied, so that you could walk to the house.
When the door was in front of my face, I again kicked the door, trying to lure someone out of the house.

And again she saw no one.
I didn’t want to go into the house, I was afraid of it, on the street it was quieter.
But the feeling of revenge overcame me and I went into the house, trying to trample the attention of my hosts with the tramp of my heels.
There was some kind of twilight in the house, the windows were curtained, there was no one in the corridor, I went on: – Hey, who’s at home? Hosts! – I shouted, but she continued to move further into the house, going around all the rooms did not find anyone, and went to the exit.
And here on the threshold appears Romka in wet swimming shorts and through the top sticking and ready for battle member.
They were in the garden was an inflatable pool probably this reptile there amused.
My mouth was dry, I forgot why I came, being in a closed room face to face with this reptile.
A drop of sweat ran down her back and slipped between her buttocks.
I was also wearing a semi-transparent dress, in which he saw me on the street then.
My heart was beating with a quickened rhythm.
Suddenly he smiles and says: – Hi.
What is missing? I would try your ass, very much you have it delicious.
I run up to him in a rage, and I beat his legs in direct fire between his legs.
He clearly did not expect this, and fell to his knees, clasping his household with his hands.
And I stand over him and say: – You bastard got, I’ll close you, sit in a cage stupid limp on his worthless ass.
I made an examination and wrote a statement on you.
And bypassing his side, took a step towards the door.

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– You got the buzz did not you? What statement? He muttered through clenched teeth, knees and writhing in pain.
I turned to him, now it was the opposite, he was sitting on his knees in the corridor, and I was standing in the doorway with my back to the street, and I felt calm, because at any moment I could leave.
– And you asked me if I wanted it or not, I have a husband and children, what will I tell them if they find out about it? I shouted at him.
And then I feel pressure from behind in the back, which pushes me inside the house. Feels like it was someone’s hand, I stumble on the threshold and fall to my knees, leaning my arms on the floor.
The door creaks and closes and Sashka turns out to be Sasha’s elder brother of this little hawk.
He also stood in the wet, but already in the lowered swimming trunks, and in the foreground was a member ready for battle not less and maybe more than that of his brother.
And he says: – So you want, since she came.
Do you want to try it more than my little brother? And you in vain offended Romka, he did something pleasant for you.
I jumped to my feet and screamed with evil: – You are perverts there each other, something they were watching, standing here with their clubs sticking up.
– No, we are just in anticipation of your ass, we heard you and immediately here.
“Get back, let me get through, or I’ll plant you.”
And trying to squeeze between Sasha and the jamb, she wanted to go outside.
But Sasha blocked my way with his shoulder and said: – And how do you look at what I will tell your husband? After all, nobody really raped you, there are no signs of violence there are only traces of class fucking.
– Are you serious? Do you think my husband will believe you? Rather, he will believe me to his wife than to two rogues.
And she thought about his words, and in fact it is

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true, and if he believes them, especially since I have already lied.
And men are inherently jealous, and her husband even more so.
And what to do? I asked myself a question that I honestly did not know the answer to.
Well, not to surrender to these two ghouls, asympathetic for me, it would be foolish to attack the same rake a second time.
And I firmly decided for myself that let him tell what he wants, and come what may.
– Yes, tell me what you want to your husband if you are not afraid of the consequences for yourself, first of all he will make you hara-kiri? Burst out of my mouth.
– Yes, do not be afraid, we will not offend, you will like it.
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