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At this time, 17-year-old Alexander, who came to study from another city, lived in our common kitchen. He studied at a medical school.
He was a very sympathetic and kind kid, but I was rather afraid and shy of him as a stranger, we did not succeed in friendship.
Soon Sasha found out about my grief from my mother and on the same day brought a rubber bag for me.

Perhaps it was the Sashkin enema from his first-aid kit.
A joyful mother came up to me and said: “Look what Sasha brought you! Play with the pear!” When I saw this pear exact copy of the children.
Sadovskaya I experienced horror and crawled into the room under the table of fear.
I heard mom and dad preparing my soap solution discussing my upcoming enema.
My parents were screaming from under the table for my legs, making it clear that they would not ask my desire and I could not avoid an enema, so it is better to show obedience and substitute my ass myself.
Parents gave me enemas repeatedly.
Dad kept his legs, mom “worked” with a pear.
I always yelled, showed figs to the requests of dad not to compress the ass. Watch movies online free sex movies.

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