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She was very convincing, my mother, even promised herself to talk and settle everything.
Yes, she assured me that she would try to identify Nastya to our school.
Great! In the end, my nurse has some opportunities – she’s still working in the City Council, that is, in the mayor’s office, not in the fucking mukhry.

And also my mother has a lot of unspent energy – there are enough of a dozen dreary people.
In the meantime, the Old Woman signaled me with a doll across the table – look, the Barbie has neither a pimple nor an ass, albeit a skater.
Y-yes, not quite the right doll, I decided – you can learn how to take care of an adult blonde beauty, and not a small child.
Dresses, shoes, hairstyles.
It’s not that.
Such garbage in bulk on the web, the old woman is already doing a good job in such games.
Okay, I decided – we’ll think of something.
It is necessary to consult with the mother.
We sat there a little more and we started to go home.
The mother went to the counter, thanked Karabakh Drum for a delicious table and find out some recipe, it seems she was interested in making dough and cream for Napoleon cake.
In the meantime, the Old Woman and I discussed her new doll, she said that today she will still play with her here, and tomorrow she will take us to her closet, can we? No problem, carry it, but what do you want to leave here? I’m afraid the rats gnaw at the beauty, she smells so nice.

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I think that even the rats will not gnaw Chinese plastic, tea, which is not fools, but said nothing.
They decided on that, the nurse returned and we said goodbye.
On the way home, I decided to find out what was the conversation with Karabakh drum.
Nothing special, he told me the recipe in detail, here, I even wrote out proportions on a piece of paper, and also wanted to get some advice from me – how to better organize the business – he is going to open another cafe, in the other end of the city, he wanted to clarify what our Economic Department

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of City Hall.
Well, I told him the basic recommendations, they are well known to any businessman, but he thanked him as if I had revealed an important secret to him.
Wonderful he, Magerram Mamedovich, very fussing.
New cafe, on the other end? Curious.
This can make a big difference.
Most likely, he will go there for some time to personally follow the case.
So – leave alone the old woman and her mother, hopefully.
So, so, I thought, but who will he leave here instead of himself? After thinking about it, I decided that most likely it would be his nephew, a fat little uncle under thirty years old and with a strong accent.
He has appeared here several times.
Name is Mamed, estessno.
We need to find out what this Mamed can threaten my underworld with.
A few days later, the mother reported that the issue with the school was resolved; she was personally at the head teacher at my school and Anastasia Buslova, that is, the old woman, that is, will go to the first B grade. Young teen naked webcam.

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