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I stare at him, still expecting him to apologize, but I know he won’t.
He has too much pride.
I have too much pride.
I turn on my heels and walk away to the restroom.
Once inside, I turn on the shower and let it run as I strip my clothes off. Duchesse hot chting.
Chad hasn’t touched me in weeks.
I am horny and in need of his attention, but I doubt he would even tend to my needs.
Not when we are still angry at each other.
I wish he would just apologize already.
I step into the shower and close the curtains. Girls hand masturbation.
The hot water feels so good on my skin.
I let my hand run down to my pussy and lightly tease my clitoris by running my fingers past it.
A tingle of longing fills me, wishing it is Chad touching me instead. Free amayuer swinger pics.
I press myself against the wall and squeeze my breasts with my free hand while I finger myself slowly, imagining that it is Chad’s hard cock inside.

I moan softly as my hand brushes my clitoris.
“Oh god,” I moan softly, as I increase my finger thrusting into my pussy.
“Ohhh, Chad. Perceptions of facial hair.
God! Yes!” I throw my head back, enjoying the water on my skin and the pleasure coursing through my body when the shower curtain suddenly gets pulled open.
Cold air hits my skin as I open my eyes thinking Chad had decided to join me, but to my displeasure, it is someone I do not recognize. One on one adult chat iphone.
My heart begins to hammer violently in my chest, both with foreign excitement and horror as the stranger’s stare burns into me, before turning off the water and pulling me out.
He drags me out of the bathroom, making sure to keep my wet and slippery breasts within his grasp, as we enter the main room.

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I look around, trying to see where Chad is and why he isn’t fighting to save me.
The stranger pushes me onto the bed, making sure to squeeze my wet butt and give me a little slap as I spot Chad.
Tied to a chair, Chad stares, with horror in his eyes. Imag porn porno india.
He tries to move, trying to free himself so he can save me, but finds that the ropes are tied too tight.
“Pretty little thing you have here,” the stranger says, speaking to Chad as he runs his fingers across my slit. Olimalm malay sex cam online.
I close my legs, staring at Chad, afraid of the stranger.
“Don’t you dare touch her!” “Well, I can’t exactly make that promise to you, can I? Look at her sweet looking body.
So sexy,” the stranger says, running his hands over my breasts. Asian pantyhose pics.
I try to scramble away, but he grabs a hold of my hair and forces me to stay.

I stare at the stranger in fear, then turn my stare to Chad, begging that he somehow saves me from this.
He nods his head and winks at me. Young pink pussy fucked up close.
A smile twitches at the corner of his lip, but as soon as it appears, it disappears.
I stare at him, confused and scared.
I stare back at the stranger.
His eyes are roaming over my body, taking me all in as his fingers lightly graze my nipple. Aaron molan gay porn dvd.
A moan escapes my lips and my eyes open wide with horror.
I try to push him away but he only grabs both my hands and pins it above my head.
Pretty little lady likes her nipples touched.
Look at that. Girls web cam.
Your lady is responding to my touch,” the stranger tells Chad as I shiver with pleasure.
I stare at Chad, his horror is replaced with lust.