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Kenny didn’t reply but continued to rub his cock over my thighs, between my legs and over my bum as I fucked myself on the vibrator that he held rigid in his big left hand.
I started leaning further forward as I neared orgasm, pulling myself almost completely off the vibrator then pushing back to slide it up my arsehole.
“Oh shit I love this!” I muttered as I pulled the vibe out of my bum for the tenth time.
“Me too!” Kenny replied, “hold on, I need to shift position.
” I felt him move around behind me and heard the top come off the lube bottle again.

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After a few moments the top went back and his hand grabbed my bum and pulled me back towards him.
I felt the vibe slide in my arse again but something else pushed against the bottom of my arsehole when the vibe was about half way.

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I pulled forward and pushed back again and felt the same thing pushing against me.
I thought it was Kenny’s finger but realised with a start that it was his cock! He must have put the vibrator on top of his cock then wrapped his hand around both to hold them. Wand ebony.